not for the jimmy choo’s

hi, friends –

quick question –  please help me out by answering this:

what is the  REAL  reason you would want to be super wealthy?

thanks in advance for answering & happy holidays to all!

“He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.”
~ Confucius

17 responses to “not for the jimmy choo’s

  1. Daniel Geller

    So I don’t have to worry about money. It sucks worrying about money.


  2. pay off bills then donate big time to churches and charities.


  3. Peter Lucarelli

    Having a lot of money would allow me to give money to friends
    and family and childrens charities.


  4. #1 for health reasons. So I could afford the best food, the best supplements, and the best doctors. I’ve had three cancer scares and all the money it cost for tests to find out I was okay was criminal.

    #2 — to make sure everyone was paid what he/is is worth in this world. It’s a sin that big companies only nickle and dime their workers. They should be ashamed of themselves. I once overheard a rich man say he worked hard for his millions. Well, guess what? A worker at McDonald’s works hard too! People who clean floors and garbage and take crap from customers all day deserve a lot more than minimum wage — let’s make all these people millionaires!

    #3 — I’d use the money to do anything I could to put a stop to bullying, ageism and racism.


  5. ugh so I could hire someone to clean my home, and eat bon bons all day.
    just kidding, just not about hiring a cleaning service. I would love to have the freedom to walk into any store and purchase what I like. Would love the ability to give to all those that ask. Would love to be able to keep my freezer and pantry full so I could cook at will, what I like, when I like.
    Happy chanukah! Maybe miracles can still happen today ;)!


  6. If…no, make that WHEN I’m super wealthy, I’ll establish the first pioneer town on Mars for space settlers to visit an/or live. Time shares will make me even more wealthy. And I promise I won’t forget you sitting on Earth wondering what Martian luxury living is like. ;p


  7. So that I could help others ! ” For it is in giving that we receive.”


  8. I have to admit that security for myself and family is first for me but I also have a design in my mind for an edible schoolyard garden project that would operate in both schools and in the community in inner cities and I’d love to launch it in my home town, Flint, MI, a place that has suffered a lot.


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