strange in the city

i think it’s funny how some people discard their christmas trees the moment christmas is over.  i imagine there are several reasons;
1. they are just not that into the ho, ho, ho of the season and relish the day it’s behind them
2. they have had enough of the cat climbing the tree and smashing many ornaments in the process
3.  the dog thinks the tree is an indoor port-a-potty
4. they’ve fled to paris or some exotic island to ring in the new year, leaving the staff in charge of tree disposal prior to their return to the city.

there may be other reasons, but those are the first that come to mind.  of course there are the peeps whom prolong the merriment of the season throughout the entire month of january and some into february.  whatever the case, dying trees line the city streets from the end of december through mid february.

this year i’ve noticed something quite odd about the discarded trees. maybe you can explain.  take a look at these east midtown pix and see if you notice anything odd.

tinselless trees (6)

tinselless trees (7) tinselless trees (8) tinselless trees (10) tinselless trees (11) tinselless trees (12) tinselless trees (13) tinselless trees (14) tinselless trees (15) tinselless trees (16) tinselless trees (17) tinselless trees (1)


have you noticed anything unusual about these discarded trees?  every day since christmas, i see the same thing and i have yet to figure it out.  what is confusing me is why not one tree has a shred of tinsel left on it.  i haven’t had a tree in many years, but i can clearly remember that it is virtually impossible to remove every single strand of tinsel from a decorated tree.  did i miss the news about the tinsel ban?  did something terrible happen with tinsel and it’s no longer available?  how can people properly decorate a christmas tree without tinsel?  have tinsel-less trees become all the rage and no one bothered to tell me?

I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for evidence of tinsel everywhere in the east fifties and have yet to see even one stray strand anywhere.
there has not even been one small piece of remaining garland hiding in the branches.

can someone please tell me what is going on?


“To perceive Christmas through its wrappings becomes more difficult with every year. ”
 ~ E. B. White 

6 responses to “strange in the city

  1. I thought it was the white stuff on the branches? Or the garbage bags on some of them. No tinsel here either, on any tree. I guess the stuff is out of style like Disco eh? I had to chuckle though at all the trees laying around, kind of sad yet humorous. I guess the truck picks them up too?


  2. I gave up on trees years ago. The tinsel conundrum may just be that it’s a lot of work to put tinsel on right. Maybe the art of tinsel started to die when they took the lead out of it. (the plastic stuff never did hang the same way) Next, if they could get rid or flocking…..

    Oh, yeah. Another good reason to get rid of the old, dead tree is fire hazard


  3. Fear not Laurie tinsel is or was overflowing on our tree!


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