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green beans & spaetzle without the spaetzle

i love birdseye green beans & spaetzle.   i especially love the spaetzle.  when i make birdseye green beans & spaetzle for dinner, that’s the entire meal.  sometimes i wish i could just have a whole box of spaetzle.

several weeks ago i had green beans and spaetzle for dinner.  you can only imagine my horror when i emptied the box into the pan and saw this:

Beans no spaetzel

green beans with no spaetzle!  upon close inspection, below you can see one actual spaetzel,  one 1/4  spaetzle and one 1/16th of a spaetzle. . . .  but still, there should be at least 25 spaetzles in every box.

Beans no spaetzel 2 

i can cook a crappy dinner myself – i don’t need to pay birdseye to do that for me.  after i calmed down a bit i thought it would be a good idea to write to the peeps over at birdseye to let them know what had happened because if i were in charge of quality control over at birdseye, i would definitely want to know about this. i wrote my letter and mailed it off the very next day but in the back of my mind, i was still missing my spaetzle.  luckily . . . when i purchased the green beans & spaetzle, they were on sale and i bought three boxes!  🙂   so the very next night, i thought i would satiate my spaetzle craving and opened box #2.    no spaetzle.  and box #3?  you guessed it. . . .

about 2 weeks after i had declared a household boycott on birdseye products i received a form letter and a coupon for one free box of spaetzle.  i am currently in negotiations with myself on whether or not to use it.

“Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs”
 William Howard Stein

swimming right, swimming left. . . . .

welcome to pisces – my most favorite zodiac sign!  (march 14th, if you want to mark your calendar & if your calendar isn’t handy, don’t worry – there will be more reminders 🙂  )

each morning before i get into the shower, i put an inspirational, motivational or otherwise interesting video on which i listen to while i’m getting ready.  this morning i chose a lilou interview.  i love lilou ( apparently 19 million other people love lilou too – 19 million – that’s a lot of views – yay for lilou!)   if you’re not familiar with lilou, she travels the world and interviews new-agey inspirational peeps like wayne dyer, ram dass, neale walsh, gary zukav, deepak chopra and many, many more incredible individuals.  today i clicked on an interview she had with debra silverman.  i hadn’t heard of debra before.  i discovered debra is a humorous astrologer and psychologist with a lot of interesting things to say and after the video of debra & lilou i checked out debra silverman’s website.

on her site she offers  short, very funny, video characterizations of each of the different zodiac signs.  mine cracked me up – because 95 % of what she says about pisces is exactly me.  if you’re reading this and have not met me in person, watch this video if you care to know what i’m like.   if you do know me, i would love to hear your comments!!!    then check out debra’s site for information on your sign!



Pisces is always swimming around looking for structure. So give them rules. Give them instructions. Tell them what you expect of them and they’ll be relieved. Left to their own devices, they’re off dreaming, creating and imagining. Pisces are great designers because they’ve got the best imaginations and they’re extremely creative. But they also like things simple, minimalist. They have very specific tastes—they know exactly what they like and don’t like. When they have these boundaries they feel great.

In their own little world, they can close their eyes and just dream. Where it’s quiet, where the atmosphere is lovely, where they can space out. They prefer being alone because they feel different, like they don’t belong. So they tend to be a little secretive. And they try so hard to act normal. They really do give it their best shot, but it’s confusing because Pisces need to know what people want from them. They’re also afraid that people will think they’re weird and won’t like them.

But here’s the thing about Pisces: deep down they’re real romantics, even though they prefer their own private fish bowl and they don’t like it being disrupted that much. They just love that whole idea of connectedness, that merging with another. They could probably be with anybody. But relationships aren’t easy when you’re a fish—you want to be close to someone and you like the whole sensual thing, but you don’t want someone around too much because it can become irritating and maddening. And fish don’t like being mad. They get mad at themselves for getting mad.

They don’t like to be stuck in something for too long either. They’re fish, right? They just want to keep swimming. And dreaming. You want to know how to really make Pisces happy? Just be with them and don’t talk. Just let them be their funny weird selves and don’t talk. They’ll love you forever.”
 ~ Debra Silverman

mission accomplished

according to debbie ford’s sister  arielle,  she was tired,  ready to go,  and she had accomplished her mission.

debbie ford

she was an amazing teacher and i am grateful for all she taught me personally.

debbie was just 57 years old which may seem way too young to cross over, but i suspect it was right on time.   mission accomplished.

“Your life will be transformed when you make peace with your shadow. The caterpillar will become a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly. You will no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You will no longer have to prove you’re good enough. When you embrace your shadow you will no longer have to life in fear. Find the gifts of your shadow and you will finally revel in all the glory of your true self. Then you will have the freedom to create the life you have always desired.”
― Debbie Ford

like a horrible day-mare, batman!

it’s no surprise when the n.y. post prints shocking news, but reading this was a surprising shock for me:

The meteor — estimated to be about 10 tons — entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a hypersonic speed of at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph) and shattered into pieces about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above the ground, the Russian Academy of Sciences said in a statement.  story

oy vey!  seriously, who could have known?  the only thing more surprising was that the meteorite didn’t land on east 52nd street.

lets all take a moment to say a prayer for these people –


Gem Ice 1

“Zen Buddhism is a discipline where belief isn’t necessary. ”
~ David  Sylvian 

happy pre-valentines day!


“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 


mr. mayor

last thursday, somewhere around 4:00 pm, i was walking along e 52nd street minding my own business when i was suddenly attacked by the flu!   i can pinpoint the second it happened.   one moment i’m fine, the next moment, the flu.  in the few minutes it took me to walk home, i began to feel a fever coming on.   by 6:00 pm, i had a fever of 102.5
feb flu 20134

it was monday before i got up off the couch and 90% of the time was spent sleeping, oblivious to the world.  when i finally got around to going online for the first time since thursday afternoon, you can imagine my surprise when i saw that former mayor ed koch had passed on – and i had missed the whole thing!  for 3 days there was a constant stream of “angels” coming and going in and out of my apartment, walking ivan every 3 hours, bringing me soup and juice, or just checking to make sure i was ok – and not one person mentioned this to me??  maybe they didn’t want to upset me given my grave condition.  or, those who know me really well may have anticipated that i would have attempted to crash the funeral taking place a mere 1.5 miles from my couch and therefore felt it best not to say anything.

i love ed koch!  i love him not because i necessarily agree with everything he said or did, but because he was simply genuine.  he meant what he said and he always said what he thought.  i respect that.  there were no games – a politician who didn’t play politics –  a straight tawlkin new yorker like there never was!  when it comes to loving this city, he was the real deal.

he truly loved this town and could be found anywhere if you looked hard enough. he wanted to be right where all the other new yorkers gathered and loved the attention from regular nyc street peeps.  for so many years one could round any corner in the city and find him standing there greeting the people . . .  he seemed so happy when strangers walked right up to him to shake his giant hands – like he was truly glad to meet you.   ed koch, mr. mayor, mr. new york – you will be missed by many.   may you rest in peace.

“There was always a love-hate relationship with New York in the rest of the country, but I made them feel more love than hate.”
~ Ed Koch


sister pearson


abraham  maslow argued that instead of spending time investigating the behavior & treatment of dysfunctional people, psychologists should study the lives and habits of the self-actualized person.

here are just a few of the people which maslow believed were self-actualized: thomas jefferson,  abraham lincoln, albert einstein, jane addams, william james, albert schweitzer, aldous huxley and  elanor roosevelt

maslow said,  “The study of self-actualized people must be the source of a whole new universal science of psychology.”   i agree with abe,  and if he were alive today, i suspect maslow would definitely have added one more person to his list – and, today is her birthday!

meet beth:

Beth Pearson

for most of us,  making maslow’s list would be quite an accomplishment – for beth it would be just a start.  sister beth pearson is one of our planet’s finest people and there aren’t enough kind words in our vocabulary to properly describe her.  she has chosen to spend her life serving God and his people, and i can’t imagine there’s a person better suited for the job.  thank you, beth – you are so appreciated.  may this be a joyous year for you filled with peace, love and laughter.

happy birthday.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
~ Anne Frank

pure inspiration

of course i have added this to my  best short videos  page, but i want to share this with as many people as possible so i am posting it as well  –   enjoy!



“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”
Mary Anne Radmacher