mr. mayor

last thursday, somewhere around 4:00 pm, i was walking along e 52nd street minding my own business when i was suddenly attacked by the flu!   i can pinpoint the second it happened.   one moment i’m fine, the next moment, the flu.  in the few minutes it took me to walk home, i began to feel a fever coming on.   by 6:00 pm, i had a fever of 102.5
feb flu 20134

it was monday before i got up off the couch and 90% of the time was spent sleeping, oblivious to the world.  when i finally got around to going online for the first time since thursday afternoon, you can imagine my surprise when i saw that former mayor ed koch had passed on – and i had missed the whole thing!  for 3 days there was a constant stream of “angels” coming and going in and out of my apartment, walking ivan every 3 hours, bringing me soup and juice, or just checking to make sure i was ok – and not one person mentioned this to me??  maybe they didn’t want to upset me given my grave condition.  or, those who know me really well may have anticipated that i would have attempted to crash the funeral taking place a mere 1.5 miles from my couch and therefore felt it best not to say anything.

i love ed koch!  i love him not because i necessarily agree with everything he said or did, but because he was simply genuine.  he meant what he said and he always said what he thought.  i respect that.  there were no games – a politician who didn’t play politics –  a straight tawlkin new yorker like there never was!  when it comes to loving this city, he was the real deal.

he truly loved this town and could be found anywhere if you looked hard enough. he wanted to be right where all the other new yorkers gathered and loved the attention from regular nyc street peeps.  for so many years one could round any corner in the city and find him standing there greeting the people . . .  he seemed so happy when strangers walked right up to him to shake his giant hands – like he was truly glad to meet you.   ed koch, mr. mayor, mr. new york – you will be missed by many.   may you rest in peace.

“There was always a love-hate relationship with New York in the rest of the country, but I made them feel more love than hate.”
~ Ed Koch


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