green beans & spaetzle without the spaetzle

i love birdseye green beans & spaetzle.   i especially love the spaetzle.  when i make birdseye green beans & spaetzle for dinner, that’s the entire meal.  sometimes i wish i could just have a whole box of spaetzle.

several weeks ago i had green beans and spaetzle for dinner.  you can only imagine my horror when i emptied the box into the pan and saw this:

Beans no spaetzel

green beans with no spaetzle!  upon close inspection, below you can see one actual spaetzel,  one 1/4  spaetzle and one 1/16th of a spaetzle. . . .  but still, there should be at least 25 spaetzles in every box.

Beans no spaetzel 2 

i can cook a crappy dinner myself – i don’t need to pay birdseye to do that for me.  after i calmed down a bit i thought it would be a good idea to write to the peeps over at birdseye to let them know what had happened because if i were in charge of quality control over at birdseye, i would definitely want to know about this. i wrote my letter and mailed it off the very next day but in the back of my mind, i was still missing my spaetzle.  luckily . . . when i purchased the green beans & spaetzle, they were on sale and i bought three boxes!  🙂   so the very next night, i thought i would satiate my spaetzle craving and opened box #2.    no spaetzle.  and box #3?  you guessed it. . . .

about 2 weeks after i had declared a household boycott on birdseye products i received a form letter and a coupon for one free box of spaetzle.  i am currently in negotiations with myself on whether or not to use it.

“Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs”
 William Howard Stein

11 responses to “green beans & spaetzle without the spaetzle

  1. And therein is the lovely leveling power of the internet. No spaetzle? Go public. They just can’t mess with us anymore–we have speech!


  2. What a disappointment! I would be making up for it non-stop with lots of other carbos, Zen.


  3. Too bad Birdseye doesn’t’ downsize their bonuses to top executives instead of their products!


  4. First of all, Thank your visiting my blog and especially reading my story. You are the first commentar for this translated story. I hope I get good comments as yours. And I am glad to meet with you and with your blog. These bean photographs hit me and I haven’t known before this spaetzle, it should be so interesting to taste… I am searching more now, maybe I I know too, I am not sure. Thank you, with my love, nia


  5. I am in total agreement! I drive across Las Vegas to get this and the last few boxes have been almost all green beans…so disappointing! I just posted comments regarding this on the Birds’ Eye website but it doesn’t look like they respond to anyone! BOO!


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