china, anyone?

i have this great opportunity to work with an amazing woman on a fun & creative new venture which is almost guaranteed to make lots of money.  the one obstacle is that the money will take approximately 6 months to manifest and i don’t have that kind of time.  this is precisely why the experts, or at least suze orman, tell you to have a 6 month nest egg at all times.

because i really want to take advantage of this new venture, i have been looking online for the kinds of jobs i can to to make enough money to live while also getting this new opportunity up & running. here are just a few of the gigs i came across this week:

Macau junket operator If you can convince millionaires to travel to the Chinese city of Macau to gamble at a casino, you could earn 1.2% or more of whatever the high-rollers gamble. That could add up to $5,000 per month.  Joker-icon

Submarine cook In Australia, a senior submarine cook with more than six years of experience earns $200,000 (about $187,000 U.S.) per year, the same as a junior admiral. A bonus of $50,000 a year just for showing up for work, because the job is listed as “critical to the navy.”  Aqua_Monster

Airplane repo man If you like adventure and high-stress work, this is the high-paying job for you. Aircraft repossessors can get a 6 to10% commission of the resale price of a plane.  That can add up to$10,000 to $900,000 per plane. Be prepared for tough work, though. Some repo men get shot at or tossed in a foreign prison . . .

 Bounty hunter  Like a repo man, this is a dangerous job that could get you killed. Pay is 10 to 45% of the bail deposit amount.  $100,000 bail could net the bounty hunter $10,000 to $45,000. Experienced bounty hunters who take high-risk assignments can make more than $100,000 per year.


Shot girl $300 – $600 a night is about how much shot girls make, The Wall Street Journal reports. They’re paid 25 cents for every shot they sell at the bar, with the rest coming from tips. Smurfette-icon

and i’m pretty sure there’s an available position for a lion keeper in fresno county california, but somehow it didn’t make this list.


so then i went to the site, odd job nation  [i love the slogan for their site, hustle life . . . before life hustles you] and  this was the first job i came across:

Hello all!!! I am a 28 year old male who likes to act and be treated as a baby a couple of days a week. This job will occur 2-3 times a week generally in 4 hour shifts. The babysitter will be paid in cash at arrival of each visit. This job is in no way sexual and will just require for the babysitter to babysit and parent. This is in no way a joke but I do realize its a very very odd job. With that being said it is fun andfor the amount of work and time great money!!!!! I travel quite a bit and the sitting can be done at my hotel room or your place when I am in your area. I go back and forth between Virginia, and New York weekly for work. Please write me at with any questions or interest. Thanks!!!!

in fact, that was the only job listed in new york on the odd job nation site and it was listed 3 times.  the 28 year old baby first listed the babysitting job back in november, for $35.00 / hour.  presumably due to a limited pool of respondents from which to choose, he re-listed the job in december for $40.00 / hour.  still without proper supervision in january, he upped the pay to $50.00 / hour and is still in need of a sitter.   my guess is the travelling back & forth to virginia is just not for everyone . . . .


“being normal isn’t necessarily a virtue.  It rather denotes a lack of courage.”
~ Aunt Frances, from Practical Magic

5 responses to “china, anyone?

  1. wow, the 28 year old guy… I have heard of this disorder before. SO odd. I hope you make your idea work. Curios question – why do you never use capitalization? It’s certainly faster typing!


  2. Ooookey dokey, then.


  3. Do they make Pampers that size?


  4. So Laurie… What us this amazing opportunity look like?


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