anything is possible on your birthday!

so tomorrow is my birthday and i have a birthday wish.  actually i have several birthday wishes but one specially for the blogging community.   today i have 686 followers on my zen city blog.  my birthday wish is to wake up tomorrow morning and have 1,000 followers! 


would you be willing to help a blogger out here by asking your friends, family, your followers, your dog, mailman, whoever . . .  if they would follow my blog? in exchange, i promise to keep my zen city entertaining, informative and voyeuristic into all things nyc!



love, light and all things happy to you!



“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” 
― Roald Dahl


19 responses to “anything is possible on your birthday!

  1. A very Happy Birthday,I’ll do my best to recruit for you I enjoy you your lots.


  2. Spreading this like crazy, I spent my birthday in NYC 2 yrs ago & Had my wish come true; to win the front row Wicked lottery!;) So YES, dreams can happen on your birthday!!!


  3. What a sweet idea! And happy birthday young lady!!


  4. I’ll do what I can on this end, chick. Happy Birthday!


  5. I came for Along Came Mary. I do get this and you got it sister. :-)))


  6. Will do. Happy birthday wishes!


  7. Have a very happy Birthday!


  8. Happy Birthday 🙂


  9. Laurie, wishing you a wonderful & joyous birthday! I will spread the word about your fantastic blog my friend!


  10. Laurie, wishing you a great b-day – shared on my FB account – here’s hoping my contribution helps to your birthday wish!


  11. Cheers to a happy birthday, Laurie, and to all your dreams coming true. I’ve heard it said when a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. Maybe the same is for bloggers getting “followers.” But instead of a bell, it’s probably a start-up “gong” 😉


  12. Happy zen thoughtson your birthday — may what you wish fulfill your wants and needs.


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