all for just $95,000,000.00!



5th avenue at 59th street:

781 5th ave 

 “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”
– Woody Allen

10 responses to “all for just $95,000,000.00!

  1. Seriously… I thought that price was for an entire building!


  2. OMG, that is just too much to even wrap my head around. Seriously?


  3. Penthouse, I hope ???


    • i don’t think so – it would have mentioned that in the listing. but you should know it does not have central air conditioning – only wall units allowed!
      hee hee . . .


  4. What sort of mindset would you need, I wonder, to rationalize spending that much money on yourself?


    • the kind where you forget there are other people in the world – people whose entire lives could be changed with just the cost of 1 of your closets!


  5. Hey, I might be interested. How much do they want down? We’ve got poker night coming up and I’m usually pretty lucky. And, I also collect cans and bottles for the deposit. My Yugo is full of them.


    • they probably want at least 50% plus enough in liquid assets to make up the rest as well as a letter of recommendation from 3 business associates and one from the pope. so if that’s a little steep for you ron (& i’m not suggesting it is), there’s another little beauty just across central park for a mere 78 mil.


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