city cab crash

i was just about to step off the curb to cross 61st street on first avenue today when i noticed a cab trying to manifest a middle lane in between two cars.  he was not very successful.

5 taxi cab accident 1st & 61st

so this poor couple who were just driving along, minding their own business, now have a crashed up car because the cabbie thought he could save 2 seconds getting to where ever it was he was headed.

2 taxi cab accident 1st & 61stthe man who’s car was struck by the time-crazed cabbie got out to assess the situation. he asked the cabbie, in a much calmer tone than i may have had, to straighten his wheels and back up.  the cab driver put the car in reverse without straightening the wheels first, and proceeded to re- swipe the entire length of the passenger side of the car, much to the horror of the woman sitting inside.

1 taxi cab accident 1st & 61stjust when i thought it couldn’t get any worse, the cab moved forward again, going for side swipe #3.

the people who had been stopped at the red light on first avenue eventually got tired of waiting for the cab driver to figure out how to get out of the middle of the intersection and when the light turned green, they drove right up the avenue as if there wasn’t a giant accident in the middle of the road.

4 taxi cab accident 1st & 61st

and therein lies all the excitement i have for this tuesday.

keep calm & carry on . . . .

“Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct.”
~ Phaedrus 

15 responses to “city cab crash

  1. Man that sucks! The cabbie is a major you-know-what!


    • i felt so bad for the car owner standing there just watching his car get ripped to shreds – and even worse for his wife who was sitting in the passenger seat! the pix don’t do it justice as you can’t see the damage but you’ll have to trust me . . . .


  2. I love the turkey buzzards…I mean hawks flying overhead. ; p


  3. Begs us not to drive in the city.


  4. …And Bloomberg says the safest drivers around are our NYC cabbies… um…right.


  5. SEE? If you remained in the leas and forests of upstate you would have missed all this.


    • it’s so true, wally. i did not see even one cab the whole week i was upstate. i wonder what those people do for entertainment?


      • We mow the lawn, walk in the woods, sit on a log, watch the wildlife AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL pay our outrageous taxes to the Great State of New York (well – – – that is what Cuomo has been calling it lately). Oh yes – – – and listening to the news about yet another NYS assembly person being indicted. We live with our hearts in the forests and our heads in the sand. Forgive me the rant. Thank you. I enjoy your posts. I spent my summers in Parkchester, the Bronx when I was a kid (late 1940’s). Enjoyed it immensely.


  6. I took a cab drive in NYC once; I was there for two weeks.


  7. Good luck to the couple attempting to collect from the cab company for the damages and hold onto those pictures that couple made need them for evidence!


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