do you see what i see?

this is a portion of an image i was just looking at.  does anyone see an image in this cloud? if so, please tell me so that i don’t think i’m just making it up . . . .

cloud pic


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
 ~ Albert Einstein



15 responses to “do you see what i see?

  1. I see a skull!


  2. Yes indeed – a skull is staring down at us. Is it an omen?


  3. I see a bald John Malkovich with a bushy moustache.


  4. Yep I see a Skull too.


  5. It looks like two elephants making love to a men’s glee club. (it’s a quote from a famous movie)


  6. I didn’t see the skull until you mentioned it. I saw a charging horse. What would a shrink think of this.


  7. i saw the skull but wanted to check that everybody else did too


  8. At first I saw a skull but the more I looked I saw the wizard of OZ.


  9. I saw what I thought was a skull. The more I drank, the clearer the skull became. Now I see it whenever I close my eyes. Thanks a lot… 😉


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