lessons from the country

#1.  wear boots in grass

as i stood barefoot in the grass today, a snake slithered right past my foot.  ivan was close by relieving himself.  he was a bit startled as the snake approached him.  he didn’t notice the snake but seemed to be some what alarmed by my blood curdling scream as the snake made it’s way toward him.  i may have scared the snake as well because i don’t even think he noticed ivan was peeing on him as he slithered right through ivan’s legs.

#2. i don’t ever want to be a cow

fly cow

hillsdale ny cow herd (15)

seriously, could you stand this for even 10 minutes?

hillsdale ny cow herd (17)

these cows are having a serious meeting.  presumably about the fly situation. 

cow herd 54

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
~ Auguste Rodin 



12 responses to “lessons from the country

  1. In my neck of the woods, it’s not just snakes to worry about! It’s ticks too!


  2. Great shots! Glad you both avoided being bitten by the evil serpent. The flies are sickening but that’s country living. The barn and cow pies must be ripe in the summer heat by now. 😉


  3. you always make me laugh! Great post, Laurie!


  4. Looking at those poor cows made my face itch!


  5. At least it wasn’t a bear! How come no pictures of the snake? Are you wearing long pants if not please do ?


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