a room with (or without) a view

do studio apartments even exist outside of nyc?  a studio is a room – just 1 room. sometimes the kitchen is it’s own little room off the main room but sometimes not.


in this picture, this guy has partitioned his bedroom off the kitchen using a desk.  (note: this is the entire apartment.  there is not a living room hiding anywhere)

according to today’s post,

A median studio now costs $419,000 — up 19.7 percent from $350,000 for the second quarter of 2012, Elliman says.




Life is not fair; get used to it.
 ~ Bill Gates 

14 responses to “a room with (or without) a view

  1. Yikes..I have forgotten my days in NY where real estate is gauged by the number of rooms.
    After an acre and 4600 sq feet in my rural town…..I don’t think I could return..not to mention where I would store my returning college kids..LOL


    • comparatively speaking, charly, you live in your own state. if i had a 4,600 sq. ft place of my own, i would probably qualify for a private zip code!


  2. How pathetic he would have more privacy in a tent it has zippered partitionef rooms. That’s legalized extortion.
    Regarding Bill Gates who is he to be giving life lessons on fairness? How many third world nations and their people has he exploited all in the name of greed? Fair is not you Mr. Bill Gates. He is a poster child for capitalism run amuck. So sorry for my ranting.


  3. Wow! That’s the size of the alcove off the sitting area of our walk-in closet! $419000??? We’re millionaires!


  4. That is…. Here in Vegas, you can build a 3500SF home for that with room on the lot for a small pool. Wow.


  5. My 5 room apt. with a full basement @ $575 a month really seams a bargain now.


    • omg – that’s not an apartment, you live in a mansion!
      my studio, which i have to admit is nicer than the one above, but is still 1 room with a separate kitchen is a good deal right now at $2,100/ month!
      (which explains why i’m not there right now . . . as my friend borrows the place for July)


  6. Supply and demand. What’s a mother to do?


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