nyc from the 12th floor

out the window of my apartment, it looked like this most of the day:


it’s been snowing since early in the morning.


it is currently thundering.  thundering really loud.  and a lot.


i want my normal back.



“I have never seen snow and do not know what winter means.”
 ~ Duke Kahanamoku 



8 responses to “nyc from the 12th floor

  1. Incredible! Stay warm and safe!


  2. Soon it will be past!


  3. thank you, nancy!!!


  4. During many years we saw a lot of storms, fron the same windows (at 15 G), and now, after more than 8 years, believe me, we still miss the snow…


    • you’re right . . . thanks for the reminder to appreciate it! i love that you lived in this building & found my blog – thanks for reading. . . .do you ever get back to the neighborhood?


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