the same time

a day, a week, a month ~ it can seem like forever ~ almost never ending, and it can seem like just yesterday ~ both perceptions happening simultaneously.

how does that work?

ivan exploring bedminster  (2)

 “Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”
 ~ William Gibson






13 responses to “the same time

  1. Yes I’ve also noticed time is funny that way. It helps me to remember time is just something we’ve invented. It’s an idea.
    What would we do without it , though?


    • i’m not sure i can even conceptualize being ‘without time’ ….. funny, isn’t it?
      i will sit with that and see if anything comes up.



    Like everything Life has a beginning a middle and end all tied together with time. Hope you are well. xoxo


  3. Indeed The marking of time has influenced humankind since we came upon this earth millenniums ago,it rules our lives and also stabilises our direction in life.


  4. I never have enough time. In fact I’m into hock to a loan shark for 48 hours. The interest is killing me.


  5. It is also said that you can never go home again – for the same reasons. When you try your senses perceive the passage of time yet your memories have not recorded it. Your eyes see an old barn or car or chair and your mind perceive how they were in your last memories, which now seem like they were only yesterday.

    When you find yourself in this condundrum, if you live a little bit in your memories you’ll be able see the ghosts of what was before. In a sense, you’re able to time travel to a place in your memories which never really existed.


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