for golfers only

what do you think are the chances of hitting a hole in one?  


according to golf digest,  it’s one in 12,500  –  which is precisely why i don’t golf.  i will never understand why people think it’s so much fun to hit a ball around the grass to get it into a hole that it would take 12,500 swings, to actually achieve 100% success,  just one time. . . .  but people do love it – and my mom is one of those people – and today she got a hole in one!

here she is; the hole-in-one winner:

mom june 2014

and because this is not her first hole-in-one, she is eligible for the multiple hole-in-one winner gold star award!

gold star

congratulations, mom! 

“It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.”
 ~ Hank Aaron


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8 responses to “for golfers only

  1. Congratulations to your mom! You deserve a gold star too!!!


  2. Kudos for Mom!!


  3. I’d rather take 12,500 swings on a swing. A relative of ours actually has gotten 2 holes in one, (well three if you count the one in the middle of his forehead). LOL


  4. 12,500 swigs would be great depending on the item swigged. Swigging swill or sweat would be hard to swallow, while swigging Schweppes in Switzerland could be sweet. Say that while doing a Humphrey Bogart impression.


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