construction corner


this is todays view from my window. it’s a very large hole they have created on 1st avenue – right outside my bedroom.  that may explain why they felt it was necessary to start jack hammering at 6:00 am.



7 responses to “construction corner

  1. very nice liberating sky picture


  2. I miss those morning sounds. I remember one late night early morning climbing out on to the fire escape and watching the truck and men move down he street, slamming cans and gunning that big diesel engine. From then on It became part of the City sound scape. Its a lullaby in my memory. Thanks for that.


  3. I’m guessing you didn’t request a 6 am wake up call πŸ˜‰ hope they finish soon


  4. This makes me laugh…we just finished listening to the tuba player next door as he walked around their pool! Fortunately it is not 6 AM, but 6 PM.


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