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seriously. . . have you ever . . .

have you ever been so exhausted that you drank your coffee standing up, in the shower?

me either.  until today.
Dr. Wernstrom

Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else.
~ Will Rogers


volunteering is hard

still funny after all these years . . . . (i think).

my zen city

for several years i’ve been wanting to do a little bit of volunteer work. since i work from home, waste no time commuting and never take a ‘lunch’, i could easily take an hour or two out of my day to do some good for someone, somewhere. being a big sister was high on my list. taking a kid to the zoo in central park would be fun. or clothes shopping every once in a while, maybe buying an outfit for their first day of school – i would love that. i would teach my little sister all of the things she may not have the opportunity to learn in her present environment, like the value of an education and why proper nutrition is so important. then we could hang out at my place and read wayne dyer’s kids books and concoct extreme salads! it would be great.  or, now that i live right across the street from the…

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