daily photo!



frog prince in dag hammarskjold plaza, nycfrog prince art dag ham plz 2020 (7)

radio city silence during covid19 nyc lockdownradio city 2020 silent 1

gritty city2014-11-23 14.20.22 copy

20141123_144027 copy


union square hair

union sqare hair  (6)

union sqare hair  (1)

plum village monks meditation flash mob union square (30) union sqare hair  (4)

apartment in the city; i thank you for your comfort.IMG_5983

350 e 52 dec 2014 (2) 350 e 52 dec 2014 (3)

e 52 kitchen (1)


art in the city:soho picture wall (1)


travelling in the city:subway bikes houston st 2

cabbing in the city:

5 taxi cab accident 1st & 61st

styling in the city:

easter 2013 nyc peeps (331)



tall in the city:

nyc skyline (15)

fire escaping in the city:

fire escape

the always entertaining ck billboard on houston street: IMG_6326a driving in the city: car bus best ever changing park avenue art: IMG_6301 easter on the avenue: IMG_6587 IMG_6620 always in reach of great fashion and stylish people. IMG_6807 IMG_6992   i walk just one block to view this!  59th street bridge, nyc. 59th st bridge (4)at the end of my block, you can count on a long line at the premium barber shop. this place rocks! Barber e 52nd st (2) you never know what you’ll find in union square park,  but you’ll always find something! diva dude dancing union square (7) on first ave. & 53rd street. this man had a fender bender no doubt caused by the distraction he experienced when he realized he was driving with no pants on. accident transsexual 1st & 52nd (40) east village art central park love city peeps window washing . . .  * * people watching . . . *

4 responses to “daily photo!

  1. very cool.. browsed your site a bit…i was in NYC for a week two weeks ago (i’m german – and first time in the states) and really fell in love with that city… have written about 12 poems about my stay…spellbound..it’s a great place – and one of the things i enjoyed a lot was watching the people…love your pics above… hope to get back there one day..


  2. natalya2013

    Top pic: that’s a man? Wow, he has nice legs 😉


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