i find most tv programs a waste of the relatively short time we have here.  these movies are a better use of time.

A Friend Indeed – the story of bill sackter –  on a scale of 1 – 10, i give this a 10!  my all time fav documentary!
You can find it here on amazon.



 click on titles below to view movies 

frank abagnale (catch me if you can)

dan gilbert: exploring the frontiers of happiness

mahatma gandhi – pilgrim of peace

How Will We Love?

peace pilgrim

tibet: the lost world

happiness industry: joy at last!

president’s forum with thich nhat hanh

deepak chopra: how to create a new self

Reconciling Love: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

teaching of the dalai lama

lost treasures of tibet

thich nhat hanh – peace in every step

long life, happiness and prosperity

the way of the wizard – deepak chopra

matthieu ricard speaks on compassion

andrea taylor: hope through compassion

bill gate,sr.: showing up for life

“FREE NIRVANA ~ buddhist wisdom for uncertain times”: gary gach

australian woman’s extraordinary journey into jihad

buddha is as buddha does

the second book of the tao

why ancient wisdom matters in a modern world

the four nobel truths

charlie rose: the dalai lama

a guide to happiness

nietzche on hardship – philosophy: a guide to happiness

dacher keltner: born to be good

the how of happiness

deepak chopra and andrew cohen dialogue on conciousness


the life of paramhansa yogananda

Wonderful Susan Buffet & Charlie Rose

happy duck

4 responses to “movies

  1. I watched “How Will We Love” this morning at 9am….. I’m not quite sure if I’m glad I saw it or not! A little dangerous being so close to Valentines Day! Thank God the drive up wedding window isn’t in New York!


  2. what an honor indeed to have my humble talk reposted alongside such luminaries. (actually it’s not entitled “complete idiot’s guide to buddhism” but rather “FREE NIRVANA ~ Buddhist Wisdom for Uncertain Times” — but what’s in a name? ) I’ve bookmarked the site to return to visit some of these talks I’ve not seen, now & in the future. Thank you.

    palms joined
    gary gach


  3. fixed the title – thanks for visiting, Gary!


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