short videos

a little messed up

cutest ever!

pure inspiration


best dance ever! 


uplifting story – love more!!

inspirational! – steve jobs – stanford commencement address

2 of my fav men of all time!

watch til the end!

my all-time favorite!

funny stuff – just because it’s so true!

need inspiration?  watch amy purdy – wow!

an amazing story by kimball jones


dr. terry gordon on manifesting – i love this man!

never lose the light  –  god bless tibet

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the human camera

deer vs. dog

if we had an italian president

everything’s amazing & nobody’s happy

perceptual experiment

autistic basketball player

christian the lion

laughing baby

best dad in the world

animal odd couple

what matters

free hugs

god & dog

best commercial

the canadian tenors

the orangutan & the hound

* meditate in hawaii – watch this amazing video made by stephen sullivan. feature=player_embedded]*