electronically challenged

2017 . . . so far:

who goes through two ‘mr. coffee’ coffee makers in one year?   i do.

year to date (april 5th) light bulb count for my 600 square foot studio: 6.

non-replaceable part of 2 1/2 year old dyson vacuum, 1.  bye bye dyson. i loved you.

auto timer for my morning sunshine light,  1.  

6 month old travel alarm clock,  1.

watch batteries 6.  yes, 6 – so far this year.


high voltage alert

Posted on 02/14/2011

i have some kind of strange electronic disorder.  you can read a little bit about it in a recent post i wrote here.  it has not subsided even a little.

recently i gave a talk at won temple which was video taped for the website. 2 days later the temple monk e-mailed to inform me that she had no idea what could have happened, but the video camera broke and my talk was not recorded.  she asked if i would be willing to come back and do it over in front of the camera?  how do you explain to a  monk that it has nothing to do with the camera.  i don’t know if boilers count as electronic devices, but right around this time my boiler broke too.

for the 3rd time since november, my itunes crashed completely.

on saturday i had a podcast interview scheduled.  when the interviewer called to begin the interview she was surprised to find that her recording equipment was not working.  she called me back 3 times to start over and each time the equipment failed.  since i don’t know her that well i kept quiet and resisted the urge to tell her she should simply pick another person to interview and her problems would be solved.   we rescheduled for sunday.

as i  left to drive into the city for temple i noticed the time on the clock in my car read  52.  the time remained 52 all the way into the city but fixed itself before my drive home in the afternoon.

this morning when i woke i turned on the lights over the vanity on my way into the bathroom.  with a very loud crackling noise, they all  blew out.  since i changed all 4 light bulbs less than 3 weeks ago, it must have been a blown fuse.  i probably shouldn’t attempt to deal with the fuse box – at least until after i meditate.

the cable box  clock in the living room which read 1000 again yesterday displays no time at all.  today it says “hold” – a clear sign that i made the right choice about meditating first.  (note: the living room & bathroom lights are on 2 completely  different fuses)

after meditating, i walked ivan. we arrived home to find all 4 light bulbs  on in the bathroom.  on my way out of the bedroom i noticed my alarm clock which  was working just fine when i woke an hour earlier, now reads 100.  not 1:00,   –    100.  i don’t attempt to reset it because i think i will just wait & see what it may do on it’s own.   i will check my e-mail instead.  once online, i see a giant banner across the top of the screen of my laptop informing me that my “shockwave plug-in has crashed”.

i should make every attempt today to avoid people who may have a pacemaker.

electromagnetic – again

wikipedia says:  Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature.  Electromagnetism is responsible for practically all the phenomena encountered in daily life, with the exception of gravity.

i’m not entirely sure what that means but i think i may be exceptionally electromagnetic – again.   it comes in waves.  it was only in the last 10 years i was able to wear a watch.  before that they would stop within 5 minutes of putting one on.  every type of watch would just die.  cheap watches, expensive watches, underwater watches – i just couldn’t wear a watch.   i also couldn’t pass through an airport security system without beeping – way before 9-11 – needless to say it was not my watch.  or anything at all.  i would just set off metal detectors, probably still do but everyone seems to at the airport these days.

i have a bit of a challenge with electronic devices too.  in the last 7 years i’ve gone through 6 computers.   – 6 –    all brand new.   2 hp’s &  3 dell laptops & my last desktop which died for no apparent reason at the age of 3 in 2004.

i’ve had more telephones than anyone i know.   my guess is somewhere around 5 or 6 land line phones and approximately 7 cell phones in the last 10 years.  if you don’t believe me, just ask ellice.  she’ll tell you it’s true.  i usually call her when i’m having an electronic meltdown, so she knows what i’m talking about.

sometimes i blow out light bulbs just by walking into a room.  i have 4 rooms in my apartment and blew out 4 light bulbs today.

i buy batteries by the case.  i watch tv for about an hour at night and yesterday i replaced the batteries in my remote for the 3rd time since june. who does that?

i should probably get off my computer now.


missing notes!

Posted on 08/05/2012

just this week i blew out 2 light bulbs, which were both replaced less than 2 months ago, my tv remote decided to stop working for no apparent reason and the batteries in the dvd remote completely corroded. i can only get internet service in one small spot in my apartment – unless of course it’s raining or even just extremely humid, in which case i cannot connect at all.  i’m actually grateful to have tv / internet at all since i canceled all services with time warner cable on april 12th due to my current financial circumstances.  the cable guy felt sorry for me so he left me with hook up to the basic channels 2 – 13 (minus channel 12 for some reason).  i hook on to the one internet network in the building that isn’t locked and wake up in fear each day that the person who unknowingly shares it with me will move.  all of that, i can live with – but now my notes have vanished.

i have an ipad with a ‘notes app’ that syncs with the notes on my phone.  i use the note pad regularly to record everything.  it’s the record of my life.  this morning i opened my ipad notes and all pages were blank.  no notes. nada.  i rushed to my phone hoping for a back-up copy and found only blank pages there as well.

i’m wondering about the message here . . .

february 20, 2013

it is only twenty days into the month of february and i have replaced 5 light bulbs in my one room apartment.  my favorite antique floor lamp that was newly re-wired by my dad several years ago has completely stopped working.

let’s see what march brings . . .


“One great question underlies our experience, whether we think about it or not: what is the purpose of life? From the moment of birth every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering.
– Dalai Lama

de-magnatize me, please

Posted on 09/06/2013

the mac computer that my friend gave me just about a year ago when my 2 year old $1600 computer died, has just about completed it’s life in this world. although i’m not a doctor, i would give it another month to live.

i do have a notebook with very little memory and storage capacity for use in emergencies and at least it gets me online – except when it doesn’t.  in this case, it’s the service, not the notebook which is the problem.  my connection speed is so unbearably slow it actually hurts my brain to check my e-mail.  i called time warner cable on monday to remedy the situation.  after all of the usual button pushing, confirming the nature of the problem (to assure i would be directed to the right department), my account number, phone number, name, address and health history, a woman got on the line and made me verbally repeat same. she then proceeded to tell me she would transfer me to the right department.

it came as no surprise that i was put on hold for 9 minutes, being that the right department had to be located somewhere in the himalayas.  when the man with a heavy indian accent answered the phone, he asked me to repeat all of the information i had already twice offered.  i was expecting this and therefore able to keep my blood pressure at bay – that is until i understood that  my  accent was too heavy for him to comprehend my words correctly.  eventually he preformed a speed test (www.speedtest.net) on my connection  to make sure it met the minimum speed of 30.  the results came in at 17.   after a total of 30 minutes on the phone with time warner cable, he informed me i had a problem.  he then offered to set an appointment for a tech to come to my place on saturday.  that was on monday.  it is now friday and my connection speed is 11.

my phone, generously given to me by another friend when my last iphone died may, or may not, be ok.   i think it’s the service, not actually the phone, that makes it unbearable to have a conversation.  the  crackling and “underwater” sound effects almost always cause the conversation to be cut short, as it’s just too painful.

although i do not have cable tv, i used to get channels 2 – 12.  recently, they mysteriously vanished – along with my camera battery charger.  this was within days of the death of my ipod.

i am sure that i am somehow magnetized and electromagnetic frequencies are unable to perform in my presence.  today i will use the computer at the public library to investigate if there is some kind of exorcism for  this condition.


“Dear, eyelashes, wishbones, dandelions, pennies, shooting stars, 11:11, and birthday candles,  DO YOUR JOB.”
 ~  unknown

March 5, 2014

got a brand new samsung galaxy s4 phone. i am hoping to have better luck with this than i did with my i-phone, which no one could hear me properly on, and generally spent half the conversation telling me so.

June through July 14th, 2014

it turns out my new samsung s4 was a lemon and i exchanged it for a new one. nothing worked and it would not hold a charge for more than an hour or so.

seven light bulbs blew out.


that’s all i have to say about that.



 August 2014

new asus computer (thank you mom & dad!)

only 1 light bulb blew out.  things are really looking up.


September 2014

camera stopped working just as i saw sj parker at joan river’s funeral.

2 lightbulbs   9/10/14

smashed screen on new samsung s4 phone when i dropped it on the floor.

October 2014

after the screen was replaced on my phone last month, it is hardly usable. the touchscreen no longer works properly making it almost impossible to answer the phone when it rings.  i can’t hang up either, but at least the people on the other end can do that for me.  also, for a seemingly unrelated reason, having nothing to do with the touch screen, it only rings sometimes.

all basic tv stations stopped working.  i only had channels 2 – 11 and now i have none.  luckily, it’s a smart tv and i can watch netflix.

November 2014

Overhead light bulb in office area blew.

December 2014

Same overhead light bulb mentioned above in office area blew.

Bulb in standing floor lamp next to the couch blew out.


Due to the grim circumstances of the entire year, I was not focused on updating my blog, and electronic meltdowns were the least of my concerns and therefore, I did not update my electronic challenges. I can only recall and hence update, the recent episodes which occured in December of this year, which today, is thankfully, the very last day:

December 2015

3 light bulbs blew out in the kitchen, along with 2 lightbulbs in the hall, one by the front door and 2 in the bedroom.

Last week I replaced the batteries in the tv remote.

I ordered a new tablet wnd within one week, the charger insert part of the tablet broke causing me to have to return it.  The replacement tablet is now 3 weeks old and I’m proud to report no problems.

My Ecoquest air purifier broke and is now in storage at my parents house waiting patiently for me to come up with the money for a very expensive replacement part.

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