i’ve discovered that when one asks a question, the universe will provide the answer!
if you pay attention, it’s almost like a  ‘no fail system’  the answer always comes.
these are some examples of answers i got to questions i asked.

6/17/09  while getting my coffee at the deli this morning i bumped into my homeless pal who was purchasing a heineken.  he has lived on or around 73rd street since before i arrived 3 years ago and we always say hello & sometimes chat.  i’ve known this guy for 3 years & don’t know his name  – i wonder what his name is, i asked myself.

this evening i was walking up 1st ave by 74th street when my pal waved me over.  “my name is gary, i’m from west virginia and i used to be married, but i’m not married anymore,”  he blurted out at me.

8/19/09  i have a new neighbor upstairs who works from home, as i do. i see her around at least once a day. shortly after her arrival we were chatting outside and she introduced herself to me. her name was a name i had never heard before and i immediately made a mental note to jot it down when i got home so that i would remember it.  failing to jot it down, by the very next day when i ran into her, i had already forgotten her name. now i see her all the time.  she knocked on my door yesterday and i invited her in for a cup of coffee. i could barely concentrate on the conversation because i was busy trying to think of a way to ask this person, who i have now known for over a month, what her name is.  i let it go & asked the universe instead.

later in the day a man from the neighborhood, whose name i never knew, emerged from petaluma restaurant as i was passing by the entrance. upon seeing me he said, “hey, my friend manjara said you live in the same building as she does.”


10/13/10  while driving to my parents i notice several police cars.  i wonder about the boredom factor being a cop in a town like bridgewater. every once in a while a group of high school kids may smoke a joint and then knock over a port-a-potty at a ‘new neighborhood’ construction site or something like that but i think most of their time must be spent responding to fender benders. anyway, growing up in this town, i was trying to remember where the police station is located and i just couldn’t place it.  the very next day, my dad was giving me directions and said, “make the next left – you know, right after where the old bridgewater police station used to be”

wow – i just realized that i forgot all about this section on my website.  i have failed to properly contribute and i apologize to the page!  here are just some of the questions the universe has answered for me recently:

8/10/12  walking past my old apartment on e. 55th street, i wondered if jack still lived there.  jack was 79  when i moved from e. 55th st. 10 years ago.  i’ve been back in the neighborhood  for a year and a half now on e. 52nd street and had not seen him once.  the very next day i was standing in line at the yogurt shop on 1st avenue and 56th street when jack walk by!

8/20/12  tenants of 350 east 52nd street discovered that the building owner has assigned market rate rents to approximately 80% of the units in the building.  the other 20% are occupied by people who have enjoyed rent stabilized rents for the last 15 to 40 years, depending on the when they moved in.  tenants discovered over a year ago that the building owner has deceived the city by saying all apartments are rent stabilized so he could illegally receive tax abatements on the units for which he was charging market rate rent. tenants began proceedings for a class action lawsuit.

the suit could result in tenants getting lowered rents based on the lowest rent in the line in which they live.  i asked the striking doormen if they knew who paid the lowest rent in the ‘h’ line, which is the line i live in.  they did not know.  i went inside, got on the elevator and pressed 12.  another woman got into the elevator & pressed 14.  i asked her what line she lived in to which she replied ‘h’.  i said i did as well and was just asking the strikers if they knew who paid the lowest rent in the ‘h’ line.  she told me that she did and her rent was $1,080 a month. whoooo whooooo!!!!!!!

8/25/12  the doormen in my apartment building have been on strike for over one year now.  slowly the number of strikers gets smaller and smaller as one by one they lose passion for the cause or simply get tired of living on meager unemployment wages and move on.  pierre was one of our doormen.  after pierre had been gone roughly three months, i asked the remaining men if they had head from pierre or knew anything about where he had gone.  they all said they had no idea what pierre was up to or where he was.  the very next day, guess who showed up on the picket line? yup, pierre was there to answer all my questions!


10/2/12 yesterday i was playing with a new baby in the building and i thouht to myself, “i wonder what babies think about?”
today someone posted this video on my facebook page : what do babies think?

your thoughts?

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