to do list

here is a list of things i have done before and want to do again or, have not yet done but will!

1. have a horse of my own  (mighty man)

running free


2.  jet ski in warm blue ocean water with my friends

3. own an amazing loft in soho or  tribeca

4. swim with dolphins in their environmentme & dolphin

5. helicopter through the grand canyon

6. meet warren buffet

7. spend a week in san fransisco, 2 weeks in hawaii, 3 weeks in greece and a month touring  darmsala, tibet  &  bhutan




8. swim laps at the biltmore in coral gables for hours like i used to

favorite pool

favorite pool

9. safari in africasafari


10. spend time with pema chodron, wayne dyer, ram dass & the dalai lama dalai Lama 8

11. have a winter cottage in sedona, az

12. get a press pass  (did it!)

13. master my canon eos 7D camera  (getting there!)

14. get married

15. publish my book

16. create lots of wealth and use it to help people fufill their dreams

17. go camel riding!

camel ride


“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”
 Lyman Frank Baum

            my wish list