yelocab napping

Best Place to Nap on Your Lunch Break: Yelo
315 W. 57th St. (betw. Eighth & Ninth), 212-245-8235
Are you an overworked urbanite who simply needs a break from the stress and pressure of the fast-paced concrete jungle? Yelo sure thinks so. “The city that never sleeps needs a nap!” hails the mantra of this wellness center, specializing in reflexology and the art of power napping. The ultra-modern interior looks and feels like Judy Jetson’s day spa. Step inside, tired city dweller, and use that one-hour lunch break to revitalize your overworked bones in the cleverly named YeloCab. A YeloCab is treatment or napping cabin designed to exude serenity and wellness. Adjust color, lighting, music, nature sounds and even scent to personalized settings that are most conducive to sleep. The YeloCabs are complete with a patented zero-gravity YeloChair designed to keep your legs elevated above the heart to slow your pulse and help you doze off quickly and soundly, also encouraging a delightful sensation of weightlessness. Oh, and as if that weren’t enough to help wash away that Friday morning hangover, purified air circulates to encourage brain clarity and restfulness. When naptime is over, LED lights are used to simulate a natural sunrise, ever so gently nudging you back to consciousness. Napping sessions range from 20 to 40 minutes starting at $15, a small price to pay to walk out feeling like a million bucks. —CL

living in nyc: $1,293,098
price you pay for fast paced lifestyle: $265,877
locating a quiet spot to nap: priceless


“Perhaps love is like a resting place, A shelter from the storm, It exists to give you comfort, It is there to keep you warm, And in those times of trouble, When you are most alone, The memory of love will bring you home”
 John Denver