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very cool

i just found a very cool site and want to share :

The 101 Most Useful Websites of 2012 

and . . .

a collection of evergreen how-guides and detailed tutorials to help you do more with software tools that you use daily.

many thanks to  for this great info!

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“Just as there is a trend toward high tech today, there is another trend toward high touch – homemade and wholesome.”
 ~ Meryl Gardner

joy in the new year!


i wish you joy in the new year.

i wish you peace in your heart.

i wish you know miracles daily.

i wish you perfect health.

i wish you love forever.

may all be happy & god bless us all.


“Observe your thoughts.  Simply do not believe the ones that do not come from a place of love. Know all is well”
 – Anonymous