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6 1/2 avenue

just over  2 weeks ago while walking down 57th street i noticed a new avenue.  yes, a new avenue smack in the heart of midtown.  i took a few photos and continued on my journey cross town wondering what that was all about.  

 a bit slow on the uptake & hardly ‘news’ at this point, today the ny post reported the story: 

As if stop-and-go driving in Midtown weren’t bad enough . . .

Stop signs were permanently installed in the middle of some of the city’s most traffic-clogged crosstown streets yesterday in order to accommodate new pedestrian walkways — and drivers are fuming.

The new quarter-mile walkway comes complete with new street signs that say “6 1/2 Ave.”

According to the DOT, more than 1,200 people crossed in the middle of the street each hour, darting between parked cars and moving vehicles to reach businesses and restaurants — a tragedy waiting to happen.   full story

just keeping you “posted”. . . . (get it??)  sometimes i crack myself up.  😉

“Better never than late.”
 ~ George Bernard Shaw