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week in review

An illegal wolf-dog hybrid was found roaming wild in Brooklyn Tuesday evening, authorities said.  story
i’ve been wondering  –  how exactly does  an animal become  illegal?

* * *

my christmas decorations were stolen off the front  door of my apartment.

* * *

i’m still unemployed.

* * * 
a man from russia bought this apartment for his 22 year old daughter.  

15 central park west

Maintenance/CC: $8,867    Monthly real estate tax: $4,958

Approx. square footage: 6,744 sf    Last updated: 12/21/2011

Rooms: 10.0    Bedrooms: 4       Bathrooms: 4.5
Library: Yes       Windowed kitchen: Yes
Outdoor space: Terrace   Wood burning fireplaces: 2
Air conditioning: Central Air   Washer and dryer: Yes

 just between us, i think they overpaid.


“If you judge, investigate”
 – Seneca