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spring time

spring sprung 2 days ago.   apparently no one noticed.

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the good news is, i finally found a broker who thinks it may be possible to find an apartment for under $1900 a month and it’s only going to cost me 15%  ($3,450)  of the annual rent for her to do so.   i was so excited i asked my boss for the day off tomorrow  so that she could show me some places and then maybe i could finally get a good nights sleep (albeit upping my rent budget to something unfordable if i want to keep my car in the city).

the broker called this eve and suggested that due to the forcasted “wintery mix” we should postphone schlepping around the city until thursday.   sure,  she already has a place to live . . .  and a car.


“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.
– Tom Krause


spent the entire weekend schlepping around the city looking at slums.  in fear of being homeless – very depressing.

someone HELP!!

street feet A


“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”
– Dalai Lama

the search begins

today was day one of the “official” search for a new apartment in the city.  very exciting.  until i saw the available apartments, that is.   i did meet with a broker last week and saw 1 place — only problem was that she mistook the closet for a bedroom.  i gave the broker a list of  ‘must haves’ and we agreed to meet today and start over.  my list includes a minimum 500 sq. foot apartment with at least 2 closets, a bedroom that will fit my queen size bed, and it must be on the first or second floor – unless  it has an elevator, which would be unlikely considering my budget of $1700.  i explained that ivan was nearing 12 years old and i was unwilling to carry a 70 lb dog up more than 1 set of stairs in the event he got sick or injured.

the first 3 places were in a complex  as far away from the 4,5, & 6 trains as you can get & still be on the east side and in manhattan.  they were east of york ave and unless you’re wealthy enough to live in one of the lux apartments on east end ave & can afford to cab it all over town, you might as well live in hoboken where at least you could get an apartment with a bedroom that actually fits a bed for $1750 a month.  the first one was on the 3rd floor of a walk-up.  i reminded her that the list i gave to her stated that the apartment must be on the first or 2nd floor to which she replied ” oh, i thought you meant 2 flights up”.

the fourth apartment was on 86th near 3rd.  it had an elevator.  on the walk up 2nd avenue the broker explained to me that this apartment was an exceptional bargain at $1700.  if i wanted the place it would require a $350 deposit, $75 application fee $1700 broker fee, $1700 first months rent, another $1700 security deposit and a $300 move in fee that would be refunded upon lease termination if i did not bang up any of the walls on my way in or out of the building.    the apartment was being renovated but would be ready for march 1st move in.  march 1st is 2 days from today.

here is the living room.                              and the bedroom.


* kitchen                                                                bath room



luckily i know that the perfect place is out there and waiting – and tomorrow is another day.


“I think of it as an opportunity to find out how much money means to me, she said. So far, it means a lot more than I think is probably healthy.”
– Storypeople

a day at the beach

yesterday i spent a good part of the day trudging around the city in freezing cold lousy weather looking for an apartment.  i completely forgot about my “happy, happy, joy, joy”  mantra i intended to remember and focused on my swollen feet instead.  i thought i was having a bad day –  then i read this:

The man crushed under an 8,000-pound police SUV on a Long Island beach last May doesn’t understand why he still can’t get his hands on the police report nine months later. . . .

Starkman  . . .  told The Post he was enjoying a day off last May 26 by sunning himself face-up on Long Beach, relaxing in a chaise longue with a cooler and a radio set to a sports station.

“The next thing I realized, I’m hit by this thing. It all happened so fast,” said a tearful Starkman, 44. “It was like the hand of God. I had no idea what happened.”

Witnesses immediately yelled to Long Beach Officer Paul DeMarco to stop — that he was running over a person — but DeMarco did not see Starkman or hear the shouts.  full story

“happy, happy, joy joy!”


“I do it for the joy it brings, cause I’m a joyful girl. ‘Cause the world owes us nothing, we owe each other the world.”
– Ani Difranco