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In an epic New York transit meltdown, a passenger came unglued on the No. 6 train in The Bronx, stripped off his clothes and chased people naked through the station — while a transit cop calmly watched the scene unfold.  story

A Queens man inexplicably turned up on Jones Beach yesterday, wearing a wetsuit, packing a gun — and mumbling that he’d just spent three days adrift on a raft.  story

Will Smith has found a trailer to match his massive ego. . . Neighbors say it seems like the only expense Smith spared was their comfort — with many saying they hope an alien invasion will zap it to smithereens . . . (many? really?  i wonder really, how many people said they hope an alien invasion will zap will smith’s trailer to smithereens . . . )“This thing is like a duplex,” said Reisman. “How would Will Smith feel if I parked that thing out in front of his house?  Pix


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“The future ain’t what it used to be.”
 – George Carlin