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honoring my commitment not to complain about the cold this year, i will find 10 good reasons to be grateful that it is 18 degrees outside.

1. ivan gets to wear his blue coat in which he looks especially handsome. 


2. hats, scarves, gloves, boots, sunglasses & long johns make everyone look 3 sizes bigger and unrecognizable therefore there is no worry that anyone will stop to chat –  limiting the concern over actually freezing to death.

3.  i am grateful to not live in fairbanks, alaska where it is currently minus 26 degrees –  although that has less to do with the weather than the danger of running into sarah palin.  i would rather live on the psych ward in bellevue.

4.  i am very grateful to work from home and not have to endure the butt freeze so many people have at this moment warming up their cars – or the meltdown you get going down into the subway as the temp rises and you’re wearing everything wearable that you own.

5. i am grateful to know it probably won’t get any colder.

6. i am grateful for the heat & hot water and imagine there are entire buildings full of people who are right now cursing out their super because the boiler is broken.

7. i am grateful i am not a super.

8. i am grateful that i found these awesome boots online last night and hopeful that they will ship today and arrive before the temp drops 1 more degree.


9.  i am grateful for ‘amazon prime’ so that i can have everything i want delivered in 2 days without freezing to death.

10. i am grateful i am not a ups delivery person, garbage man, traffic cop, construction worker, dog walker or a street vendor  (regardless of the outside temperature).

i did it.  now that’s the power of positive thinking.  it’s going to be a good day.



“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. So practice happy thinking every day. Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

43 & windy

i had to wear my down jacket to walk ivan this morning.  it’s the middle of may.  this is just wrong.


“California sunlight – sweet Calcutta rain – Honolulu starbright – the song remains the same.”
 Led Zeppelin

dreaming south beach

i can’t help it. i just hate the cold – which makes me hate winter. no amount of meditation, positive thinking or even dane cook can help.  i just came home from my night walk with ivan and couldn’t even make it all the way around the block. the temp with the wind chill must be somewhere around  -30  ok, at least 25 degrees and the roads and sidewalks are covered in ice.  it makes me miserable.  we passed a guy standing right on my block on 73rd street smoking a cigarette in shorts and a t-shirt. that made me even colder. as i got closer i saw that he had bare feet.  bare feet – right on the ice. then i got  depressed thinking everybody is crazy.  i can’t decide whether to have a second cup of st. johns wort blues buster tea or a bag of cadbury mini  eggs.


or both.


Why did Yankee Doodle name the feather in his hat Macaroni?

27 and snow

unfortunately we’ll probably miss the blizzard that has hit washington dc and is moving its way up north.  i love snow in the city – especially on the weekends – very especially on sundays.  today is saturday and ivan and i just ran into lenny on his way to the diner on 1st avenue and 73rd street.    he was wearing his giant sized blue parka and shorts.



“Has a woman who knew she was well-dressed ever caught a cold?”
 Friedrich Nietzsche