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another craigslist job opportunity for the folks in need of integrity:

Fast Comment Poster – Virtual Position (Midtown)

My company runs several websites related to skin care and shampoo products. We are looking for comment posters to comment on various forms regarding skin care, shampoo and other stuff related to skin care. For example, on a hair blog you would comment about how to control frizzy hair using the products. The content will be provided. The position is virtual every Mon & Wed from 2pm-6pm. Pay is $8 p/h for the first month, and $10 p/h after one month. You are paid as contractor (part-time), so there are no taxes taken out of the paycheck. Requirements:
-Must have a fast computer
-Must have fast internet connection
-Must be fast on the computer, able to post comments quickly

(more craigslist winners here)

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looking for a new job?


while browsing craigslist’s writing/editing jobs today,  i saw this
opportunity which i decided to pass on,  but thought i would
pass along . . . .

Online Dating Surrogate (Flatiron)

Successful entrepreneur needs discerning woman to handle online dating communications for him for roughly an hour per dayProcess:
1. Review profiles of women on 3 or 4 dating sites
2. Per criteria you will be provided, mark as “Favorite” all potential women to contact
3. You’ll let me know when to review Favorites periodically and I’ll delete those I’m not interested in
4. You’ll write to and exchange messages with the remaining Favorites and try to set dates

Work hours, location and salary:
> One hour or so per day – flat $100/wk
> You set the hours
> Work from anywhere you choose

Ideal candidate for this job is similar to dating candidates sought:
> Pretty, thin, educated female in her 20s or 30s (with great taste and strong writing ability)

If This Part-Time Job is For You:
> Email to craig0519nyc@hotmail.com your picture, resume and lengthy enough response to assess your writing ability
> Indicate why this job will be easy and fun for you and describe why you believe that you have great taste and a discerning eye

  • Compensation: $100/week for roughly 7 hours work

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is this a real job?

i found this on craigslist today.  i can’t help but to wonder if this isn’t just a really good tactic to get free labor.  .  .  .

Cigar Roller Wanted

Date: 2012-07-27, 10:46PM EDT

Cigar Roller to work for Cigar Shop in Hoboken, NJ
roll cigars for events and for shop sales. Call for an appointment
201-736-5370 be prepared to roll 5 cigars.
if they can get 25 cigar rolling hopefuls just to interview for the position, that’s 125 free rolled cigars.   i may employ this tactic myself and run an ad for a housekeeper.  this is good news!
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just browsing through craigslist and found this ad.  i would like to share it.

I am looking to hire someone to get me a good paying job (BROOKLYN HEIGHTS)

Date: 2012-02-13, 3:57AM EST
Reply to: zq9wd-2848888046@job.craigslist.org

Hi. I am currently and presently looking for a full time, part time, or temporary job in the NYC-LI-NJ-CT areas. My cover letter and resume will be sent to you when you contact me. I am now looking to hire someone to help and get me a good paying job. I will pay you a part of my salary when I get the job, start the job, and then depending upon how long the job lasts. Email me for more information about this. Thanks!

  • Compensation: $Flexible/Open$
  • OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
  • OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.
and just so you don’t think i made this up, here is the link tot he actual ad: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/lgl/2848888046.html
i liked this ad too:


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while surfing the web for available apartments, i’ve come across some interesting ads.  here are a few i would like to share:

citi-habitats:  “a living room large enough to fit most of your furniture”

craigslist:  “this apartment is located between the 3rd and 4th floors”

craigslist:  “tub in bathroom and more …. ”

and i can only imagine what this place must be like if these are the 2 best selling points they could offer:

“Right by the Bus to Jersey, 1 Stop from Columbia Pres Hosptial!”

oh, happy, happy, joy, joy.


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