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100 today

pop-pop joe was my mom’s father.  i didn’t know him very well because he died when i was only in third or fourth grade.  my memories of him include donuts. he always brought us donuts when we saw him and he was always happy.  pop-pop joe was a big man and a huge golfer.  apparently he was quite the athlete in his younger years and attended prep school on both a baseball  and football scholarship.  he was a scratch golfer – runner up for ct state champ.  he died way too young but i think he had a whole lot of fun along the way.

today he would have been 100 years old.  happy birthday pop – pop joe!


pop pop joe

“If there’s a golf course in heaven, it’s like this. I’m in no hurry to tee off but I hope I’m the head pro some day.”
– Gary Player