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i feel like i’ve been away forever.  between the move, the short trip to baltimore, 14 days with no internet – running around the city in search of hot spots & catching up with all my friends, i’m finally getting to the place of believing i’m actually back in town.

i did figure out how to fit all my stuff from the 1100 sq. ft. apartment into a studio.  i gave away most of my possessions.

on the day of my move i assembled the courage to step on the scale.  i gained 17 pounds.  i knew it was going to be hideous – but seeing that was disturbing to say the least.  the scale remains in the trunk of my car.  my new weight measurement system does not require a scale.  instead, i have counted the number of jeans i own that fit me prior to my nj nightmare – 23.  that includes the 2 pair i was forced to buy after the first 10 pounds.   therefore, upon arrival, i had 2 pair of jeans that fit – even if just barely.  today i have  5 pair to choose from.  progress is good.  the plan is to be at at least 20 by the end of may.

the glovers had a baby girl last weekend and named her natalie marie.  i would show you a picture but they have yet to send one . . .  while lauren labored at lenox hill, i thought it would be a good idea to take mia on a road trip to get away from it all.  plus i was really missing mighty man and had promised him i would be out to visit as soon as i got settled.  a good time for us – not so much for lauren.

mighty & mia


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
 –  Albert Einstein 

happy wednesday!


today i’m just being happy.  no matter what.



“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Larry Elder

got it ! (maybe)

finally . . . after weeks of torture, i found a great place.  i didn’t want to tell anyone until the lease was signed so up until now, mighty man was the only one i told.  i’m pretty sure he was devastated.  i gave him extra organic carrots and promised to visit as often as possible but he still seemed pretty agitated & stomped around in the mud and then slobbered mud all over my jacket i had just washed due to yesterday’s slobber.


might's muddy feet

but the management company called yesterday and said i was approved.  🙂  Here it is:


the other exciting news is that mighty man’s mom commented on my blog post and now i know he’s 4 years old and his real name is zegen.  zegen means ‘blessing’ in dutch – the perfect name for him, although i can’t help but continue to call him mighty man which was shortened to mighty several months ago and now i’m pretty much down to ‘mite’.  i think he likes having a nick name anyway.

it turns out mighty has his own web page!  not only is he the most gorgeous horse in the universe, he’s kind of like royalty.  he has an amazing lineage which you can see here.  such a humble horse, he never even mentioned it to me.  anyway, he has a wonderful family who loves him and his birth mom lives right across the street.  one of these horses is mite’s mom:

i will find out when i have tea with mite’s human mom.  yup, we’re having tea and hanging with the horses!  leave it to the kind of luck i’ve had in my 9 months in nj to almost meet someone just as i’m packing to leave . . .


“Horses make a landscape look beautiful”
– Alice Walker