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saturday in the city

1. wake up way too early  (thank you, ivan).

2. walk dog, meditate, shower, check e-mails, straighten apartment, walk dog again.

3. hear very loud explosions directly below my windows on 1st avenue.

4. look out window and see only thick clouds of heavy smoke, preventing view of buildings directly across the street.

5. panic (naturally)

6. grab camera, get ivan, bang on all doors alerting everyone on the 12th floor and begin the descent down as fast as possible carrying 70 lb dog and my camera.

7. walk traumatized dog 1/2 way down smoke filled block before noticing angry officer screaming at me to get inside.

e 52 st electrical fire (1)

8. spend the next 2 hours sneaking outside for some pictures, getting yelled at and waiting in the lobby with many neighbors –  waiting for the elevator to be turned back on.

e 52 st electrical fire (3)

e 52 st electrical fire (19)

9. persuade building porter to let me take elevator by convincing him of my impending death if
a.)  i have to carry ivan up 12 flights or
b.) i have to stand in the lobby one more second.

10. watch cops, firemen and con ed peeps from 12th floor and wonder if i am actually safer up stairs or in lobby should the building blow.

e 52 st electrical fire (37)a

11. it is now around 4:30 and beginning to get dark outside. all building electricity goes out.  stairwells & hallways are so dark i could not see anything other than pure blackness.

12. light many candles & check on elderly neighbor with emphysema to see if he has candles and a back up generator for his oxygen tank.  he’s ok for now.

13. wait.

14.  wait some more

15. feed ivan his dinner & continue waiting.

16. notice ivan by door signaling strong desire to go out.

17. carry 70lb dog down 12 flights for second time today.

18. return from walk with ivan and leave him with friends on the second floor  (thank you monica & eddie).

19. wander aimlessly through midtown for a couple of hours spying on people being all cozy in their well lit apartments.

20. return home approximately 30 minutes before electricity came back some time around 9:30 pm –  waited, walked the dog, reset the clocks and watched a movie.

this is not what i had planned for the day.

e 52 st electrical fire (18)

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”
 ~ Napoleon Hill