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reporting the facts

“3 Days of Hell”

reads the headline in the ny post this morning . . . .  hmmmm.  can this be considered reporting the news?  because i think it’s more like just making things up for an exciting story that has not and may not happen.    the following was reported all in one article this morning:

“Frankenstorm is roaring our way”
“a nor’easter on steroids”
“We are looking at it as a historic storm that will cause catastrophic damage over a large area.”

“Gov. Cuomo yesterday declared a statewide state of emergency.”

“complete shutdown of subways, buses and trains”

“Con Ed and other power companies in the Northeast are preparing for widespread electricity outages that emergency-management officials fear could stretch past Election Day on Nov. 6.”

” it will bring a “huge disaster” ”

. . .  and, oh by the way . . . 

“If Long Island is the target, the storm will hit later and probably have less of an impact on the five boroughs.”

stay tuned and i will let you know if it rains!


“How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.”
~ Herbert Spencer