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never in wisconsin!

often what happens in ny can really only happen in ny.  take, for instance the story in today’s ny post.  there’s a trial going on to decide the fate on robert morales.  rob shot his parole officer & now he’s on trial for attempted murder. one of the juors on rob’s trial, juror #6, is an aspiring actor who recently applied to audition for a part on one of only 3 shows i watch; law & order.  i love that show.

luckily, today juror #6 got a call back for the audition.  yay, juror #6! he told brooklyn supreme court judge wayne ozzi and asked if he could go. the judge said yes.

according to the post,”

Ozzi delayed opening statements until later this afternoon and told the juror, “Good luck. We’ll be looking for you on TV.”

The juror will return after his audition to decide the fate of Robert “Poison” Morales, who is charged with shooting his parole officer at the officer’s downtown Brooklyn office.


and for more important news, tanorexic, patricia krentcil, toned down her tan to prove she’s not an addict.  see the ny post for details!


wishing a fabulous weekend to all!


“This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.”
 ~ Plato

around town

ONE57, a new building next to carnagie hall is coming.  the bottom of the 90 floor monstrosity will be a hyatt hotel and the top, residential.  for those of you who love a good bargain, the 2 penthouses have a special pre-construction price of $98 million.

also potentially new on the market, ruth madoff.  the post reported that she is divorcing bernie.

more peas!  the rained out black eyed peas concert in cp has been rescheduled for september 30th.

on east 57th & 58th law & order just shot the season’s premier episode of svu  featuring a ‘ripped-from-the-headlines’ plot based on dominique strauss kahn.

i am hoping they include an episode on ex-wabc sports anchor marvell scott too.  svu’s kragen & stabler would never let him get off with just community service after nailing him for hooking up with a 14 year old prostitute in times square.  i think i’ll make the suggestion to dick wolf .

yesterday was sunny but it’s raining again today & you’re now pretty much up to date.


“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”
 Sandra Carey