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meeting update

february 26 at 7:30 am


here is my back yard 24 hours prior to the start of my meeting.  snow is forcasted to end sunday eve.  it’s friday morning.

the meeting has been cancelled.

i now have 45 t-shirts,  150 + books,  aproximately 400 atkins bars, 60 boxes of no carb cookies,  45 bars of  bacon soap,  45 gift bags and folders,  and a bag filled with miscellaneous items such as water pitchers and room decorations, taking up every available inch of space in my kitchen for an undetermined length of time.  and i’m concerned about being able to reschedule the meeting prior to the weather getting too warm to be able to wear my new suit.


“Worry is as useless as a handle on a snowball”
 Mitzi Chandler