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fixed broken link!!! please try again!

(i just found out that the link wasn’t working – which was the whole point of my last post.  damn mercury in retrograde!!!  😉 )


would you do it?

would you give up one cup of coffee if you knew it would contribute to the happiness of one small child with cerebral palsy?  seriously, would you do it?

if you answered yes, now’s your  chance.  click here.

if you can walk, please imagine how that impacts your happiness in life.  now imagine how good you will feel knowing you have helped provide that same feeling for my niece, sara.   with your help,  i know it is possible.

if you can donate one dollar, you have helped.  will you please do it?

if you cannot donate a dollar or more, would you  pass this on and help make this post viral?  if you’ll do it, i believe we can raise enough money to cover the costs of  the therapy sara needs and insurance will not provide.   if you can do both, please do.  may your generosity & kindness double back to you!

with love &  many thanks,



more information:  strides4sara.org 

if you wish to send a check:

Payable to Strides for Sara
Send to:
Hollister Construction Services
c/o Jordan Schweiger
777 Terrace Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07401

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
 ~ unknown author