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shopping in the city

would you like a mouse with that, sir?

“The best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal”

angry renter

my organic mouse-be-gone sachets arrived the other day and worked great! no mouse sightings for 4 days.  until last night. 

my bathroom ceiling is growing mold at an alarming rate. i’ve called the landlord about it, showed it to him and asked the super twice to get it removed.  i called the city and registered a mold complaint this morning.

the rock wall in the back yard avalanched back in march and the landlord promised to fix that as well.  a giant hole remains in the very center of the wall. 

when the landlord was here over a month ago to check on my various complaints, i also showed him the soot that was shooting all over my back yard from the boiler which is located in the basement directly below my apartment.  soot is an awful substance.  it’s like mercury in the way it moves. the only way to clean it is to gently vaccuum by holding the vaccuum nozzle directly above each granule of soot.  if you try any other way it smudges into the surface it is located on and nothig will remove it – not even bleach. soot travels too.  it gets onto the curtains and every time the curtains move even a little bit, the soot crawls upwards.  it’s weird stuff.  I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking when i was vaccuuming my back yard for over an hour.  if they have a blog, i’m sure i’m in it.

this morning i came outside with my laptop at around 6:30 to get a little work done outside before the rain starts, only to find another soot explosion.  this one was even worse than the last.  it has covered all of my plants and everything else in the yard. it has ruined the following items of mine:
my 2 lounge chairs that i purchased about a month ago,  4 cloth placemats, one yoga mat, 2 chair cushions, the table umbrella and my ‘work’ chair.  total damage,  somewhere around $400.

cleaning as much as i could has cost me an hour of work time, not to mention the humiliation of the hundreds of people in their apartments getting ready for work who potentially witnessed me vaccuuming my yard plants at 6:30 am.

these things, coupled with the general filth in the hallway, have motivated me to make a decision.  it’s time to move.

new chairs

new chairs

chair today

chair today

table umbrella

table umbrella



house guest

an ounce can feel like a pound when it unexpectedly lands on your big toe in the form of a mouse dive bombing out of the bathroom cabinet. 

eyes closed, i was washing my face when the incident occurred. i screamed. ivan came running into the bathroom and the mouse froze.  he just sat in the corner and stared at us – he wasn’t even trying to hide.  my bathroom is so small I have to have the door open to dry myself off after a shower, and here i am in the bathroom with a 70 pound dog and a one ounce mouse!  he’s been hanging around for over a month now and he’s getting very comfortable. he thinks he lives here.  just the other day i as i sat in the livingroom preparing to meditate he came out to play. i watched him play right out in the open for 15 minutes or so. he has no fear. he walks around like he owns the place and looks me square in the eye. several times i have seen him walk right by ivan – within 3 inches of his face! ivan just turns to me with a look like “did you just see that?”  lucky for this one inch long baby mouse, he’s the cutest thing i ever saw.  his looks have spared him his life. if i could only potty train him, i would let him stay.

i watch him climb up the electric cord that runs from behind the television to the outside through the window. i keep the window and door open all day, therefore he is free to come and go as he pleases – but i have seen him come right in through the back door when it was closed. he is so small he can fit through the crack between the bottom of the door and the saddle. i’ve tried shoo-ing him out using the swiffer, yelling at him and chasing him with the vacuum. i’ve even threatened him with glue traps – but he must sense that i’m not really going to kill him.  i can’t keep him out.

i found some organic repellent online several days ago and i hope it will arrive in today’s mail. it apparently has a woodsy scent that alerts mice to fox – their natural enemy.  i hope it works. if he attacks me again, or invites any friends over, i’m going for the glue traps.

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The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest and then becomes a host, and then a master”
 – Khalil Gibran