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did you know. . .

in high school, anthony robbins, who is 6’7″ tall, was just 5 feet & 1 inch tall.  he has a pituitary tumor that secreted massive growth hormones which is the reason for his current size.  his brother is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

love him!

have you noticed that the mona lisa has no eyebrows?

manhattan is the only borough without a ‘main street’.  there really isn’t any room for  one.  wouldn’t it be funny if they changed 5th avenue to main street?

the only real person to be a pez head was betsy ross.
maybe they could use some help in the marketing department?

 the holland tunnel is a designated national historic landmark.
they must have run out of ideas for things to classify.  and i should probably go to bed now.

“Fun is good.”
~ Dr. Seuss