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moving on 2nd avenue

this sure must be easier than having to pack and unpack all those boxes. . . .

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Traffic is only one of the side effects of growth.
 ~ Roy Barnes


– 2 and moving

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the post says it’s 20 degrees.  that’s a 22 degree difference from bedminster, nj – i am grateful to be heading home.   after 8 1/2  long months, today begins the process of the move!  on the agenda for the day:

1. find a mover.   i’ve done this so many times already it should go smoothly, but the truth is, shopping for a mover is kind of like shopping for a used car.  if you’ve ever bargain shopped for movers, you know what i’m saying.

2.  realtor to arrive at 10:00 to inspect apartment and determine market value for next renter.   i hope they’re farm folks and can be very happy here.

3. get some work done to earn the funds for the move.

4. 4:30 appointment for podcast interview with cookbook author which i find hysterical since i am the worst cook in america.  she promised not to ask me anything about cooking,  just nutrition science and my organization.  this reminds me that in the last 8 1/2 months i have not had a meal with another live human being, or that was cooked in an oven, or contained more than 1 single item like soup or  asparagus and the occasional meal of cadbury eggs or a lindt bar. so  looking forward to the candle cafe with friends!

5.  check craigslist for a place to move to.  call realtors.

6. begin box collection process and make moving checklist.

tomorrow i will go to the city & find the perfect place, sign lease and begin my
re-connection with the human race.



“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems”
– Mahatma Gandhi