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In an epic New York transit meltdown, a passenger came unglued on the No. 6 train in The Bronx, stripped off his clothes and chased people naked through the station — while a transit cop calmly watched the scene unfold.  story

A Queens man inexplicably turned up on Jones Beach yesterday, wearing a wetsuit, packing a gun — and mumbling that he’d just spent three days adrift on a raft.  story

Will Smith has found a trailer to match his massive ego. . . Neighbors say it seems like the only expense Smith spared was their comfort — with many saying they hope an alien invasion will zap it to smithereens . . . (many? really?  i wonder really, how many people said they hope an alien invasion will zap will smith’s trailer to smithereens . . . )“This thing is like a duplex,” said Reisman. “How would Will Smith feel if I parked that thing out in front of his house?  Pix


just keeping you up to speed.


“The future ain’t what it used to be.”
 – George Carlin

criminal possession of stolen poultry!


This birdbrained bandit took turkey stuffing to a whole new level. Brooklyn teen was caught on video shoving a 12-pound turkey breast into his baggy sweatpants . . . As for the turkey, it went right back on the shelf. . . Marte insisted the $84 worth of Boar’s Head Oven Gold “was in good condition” . . . .

It’s not the first time he used his pants to stash a five-finger discount, sources said.

Williams was arrested on Aug. 5 after trying to smuggle seven cans of Red Bull out of a bodega on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, authorities said.

read:  Nov. 5 2010


i would like to be reporter for the ny post.  i can imagine sitting at my desk when the call comes in –  “hurry! breaking story in bed-stuy – – get over to marcus garvey boulevard asap – poultry in pants!”

“i’m on it!” i would reply.  then i would hang up the phone, spin around and grab my jacket off the back of my chair like they do on tv and head out to the scene.  that has to be a fun job!

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“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”
– Oscar Wilde

the price of beauty

you probably do not need another good reason not to move to staten island . . . but, the mta just approved a toll hike from $11.00  to  $13.00 on the verrazano bridge.   can you imagine paying $13.00 to be on  staten island?   i would rather eat worms.  although it is a very beautiful bridge. maybe $13.00 is the price of beauty if you’re a  bridge.    here’s a nice picture i found on the internet:


* and it holds a lot of people –


this guy is probably happy to pay $13.00 to cross the bridge.  i can’t imagine under what circumstance someone would have the thought that they would like to have the verrazano bridge tattooed onto their back.  i bet he lives on staten island.


the post announced the toll hike today and i scrolled down to the comment section – which i always avoid because they can be pretty rancid. . . but i was curious about people’s reaction to the toll hikes.  i found this comment which made it completely worth scanning through the usual trash people spew in that section:

“And, it’ll only go higher again next year.
Will the last sane person leaving NY please turn off the lights.”



“Grant that I may become beautiful in my soul within, and that all my external possessions may be in harmony with my inner self. May I consider the wise to be rich, and may I have such riches as only a person of self-restraint can bear or endure.”

hillbilly comes out of the closet!

i try not to follow politics.  this is why:

Carl Paladino got back to the pressing issues facing the state yesterday — like accusing gubernatorial rival Andrew Cuomo of being a bad father for taking his daughters to the Gay Pride Parade.

Paladino, who has insisted that a candidate’s kids — including his own 10-year-old daughter out of wedlock — should be off limits in political contests, attacked Cuomo for taking his young girls to the city’s gay parade last summer. . . .

Speaking before a Brooklyn Hasidic congregation on Sunday, Paladino had said children shouldn’t be “brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option.”

Read full story

where is this guy from? did he have a brain hemorrhage?  did he forget where he is running for governor??  someone needs to let him know he’s not in kansas anymore!  oy vey . . . .


“Prejudice, not being founded on reason, cannot be removed by argument”
– Samuel Johnson

bad cabbie!

A traffic jam of cabbies was herded into a Manhattan courtroom yesterday to face charges of cheating some 77,000 riders in the most “widespread con operation” in the industry’s history.

District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. hit 45 of them with the felony charge of scheming to defraud by charging the double-rate suburban fare for rides within the city — punishable by up to four years in prison.

Yesterday’s round-up began when drivers were lured into appearing at TLC headquarters at 40 Rector Street at 8 a.m. yesterday — until then, 31 had still been on the road. All 59 drivers knew they had been implicated in the overcharge scam, but the letter they received said they were there for “settlement conferences.”

When they arrived, authorities ushered them into a room, told them to stand against the wall, and arrested them.  🙂 “It’s not fair. It was tricky,” said Hassan Chowdhury, who allegedly stole nearly $6,000 by hitting the Rate 4 button 3,126 times.  tricky? “I would expect this from a Third World country, but not from a civilized country like this,” he fumed.   that’s funny.

read full story in the ny post


“Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enought to be honest”
– Benjamin Franklin

hurricane hysteria?

it’s on every channel! it’s headline news!

very interesting how the weather people can find so much to say about something that has yet to happen.  they do it with blizzards a lot too.

i wonder if the peeps from the post are over reacting. here’s what they have to say:

“Hamptonites thought they’d be preparing for the end of summer — instead, they’re preparing for the end of the world.
Hurricane hysteria gripped the East End yesterday as Hurricane Earl barreled up the coast and threatened to crash the Labor Day weekend bash with brutal, tropical-storm-force winds.”

preparing for the end of the world?  wow – i better call tracey and see what her plans are.  she spends most weekends at her place out east – i would hate to see her waste the weekend preparing for the end of the world.


“Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
–  Hans Christian Andersen


i really do like to scan the headlines of the ny post every morning – i just can’t help myself.  at least one ‘must read’ story captures my attention each day and today’s front page article may just be my all time favorite.  here are the highlights (along with my comments)

He’d be his own best friend.  (love!)

A Pittsburgh man who’s a self-described “furry” is on his hind legs awaiting a judge’s decision on whether he can legally change his name to Boomer the Dog. (furries? i had no idea.)

Gary Guy Mathews, 44, has been dressing up as Boomer for most of his adult life, and is expecting to find out in the next few days whether a judge will grant the name change that Mathews has pondered for years, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported yesterday.

Backing up his bid are friends — including one named Hobnose Bordercollie — who say they already call him Boomer the Dog. (“hi, this is my bff, hobnose bordercollie”)

Furries are people who are fans of animals with human characteristics — and who enjoy dressing up as them.  who knew?

Mathews, a single, unemployed (how shocking!) computer technician, said he was inspired by a short-lived NBC show called “Here’s Boomer

Mathews has since become a fixture on the furry convention scene(!), even posting on YouTube a video of himself in his shredded-paper terrier outfit during the 2007 Midwest Furfest. (i am wondering if  nyc has a furfest and if so, will put on calendar asap)

Dr. Samuel Conway, CEO of the Anthrocon furry convention in Pittsburgh, told the paper, “I wish Mr. the Dog luck in his pursuit, with the earnest hope that he has chosen a career path for which such a monicker would be of benefit.” (note; “Dr.”)
if you would like more information – or just confirmation that this is true, here is boomer at the 2007 furfest:


for complete story, including picture of gary / boomer, click ny post

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.”
– M. Scott Peck

straight from the post

in a disturbing  story which i have no idea why i was reading, the ny post reported the following about a guy who was engulfed in flames:

“He has enough presence of mind to race to the back of the shop to open the freezer door, where he searches for water.”


i’m just not sure “present”  is how i would describe someone looking in the freezer for water.



“A cure for War? Furiously spending the same daily amount of money toward making friends. Being an indispensable source of food, shelter, peace, and cultural support dedicatedly spending 9 billion dollars a month on helping people would be a formidable enemy of evil.”
 Vanna Bonta

cleavege quake?

  Maybe the world really is hanging on by a bra strap.

The same day that women showed off their cleavage to disprove an Islamic cleric’s claim that such displays cause seismic activity, there was, in fact, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan.

“Maybe I shouldn’t wear a low-cut shirt ever again,” said Annie Marter, 33, in Manhattan. “I feel really bad.”

Though the Taiwan quake resulted in no injuries and minimal damage, Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi may feel vindicated by the result.

“Many women who do not dress modestly . . . lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes,” he said last week.
Jennifer McCreight, a graduate student in Indiana, then came up with the idea of a national day, dubbed Boobquake, to protest the remark.

She said yesterday she’s not convinced that all of the extra partially exposed breasts were to blame for the shakeup on the other side of the globe.

Read more:


“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.”
— Dr. Seuss

today’s news

today’s  front page  “news”

1. It’s all Michael Jordan’s fault.
Tiger Woods became a self-indulgent, sex-crazed narcissist because he hung out with the wrong crowd — namely, hard-partying, high-stakes hoopsters Jordan and Charles Barkley

2. Heil, idiot.
Jesse James, posing as Nazi fiend Adolf Hitler with a German army cap on his head, raising his arm in the notorious “sieg heil” salute and mimicking the evil dictator’s mustache with two fingers.

3.  The 2010 Baseball Guide

any if that doesn’t capture your attention and leave you begging for more mental stimulation, you can read about:

‘Steven Spielberg is so paranoid about security at his office, he keeps a never-used motorcycle permanently parked outside in case he needs to make a getaway, a new book about DreamWorks claims.’

‘Paul McCartney’s ex-wife, Heather Mills, broke down in tears and insisted yesterday that her former nanny doesn’t have a leg to stand on in a lawsuit accusing her of being a psychotic, imperious boss.’ 

just catching you up. . . !


“The American people deserve to know that they’re not just watching the administration’s spin on their local newscasts — they’re paying for it, too.”
  Senator John Kerry



today’s horoscope from the post:

Believe it or not you are on the right track and making considerable progress, so there is no need to change your tactics or lower your sights. What you started a few weeks ago will bear fruit very soon.


if you have any idea what this means for me, please contact me at once.


“Faithful horoscope-watching, practiced daily, provides just the sort of small but warm and infinitely reassuring fillip that gets matters off to a spirited start.”
 Shana Alexander

what’s with this chick?

Maniacal mannequin Naomi Campbell has allegedly pummeled the help again — this time, a chauffeur who says she thwacked him repeatedly in the head with her fist from the back seat as her Cadillac Escalade careened through Midtown yesterday afternoon.

The volatile diva allegedly struck Miodrag Mejdina, 27, of Ridgewood, Queens, hard enough to send his head into the steering wheel — leaving him with a bruise under his left eye, according to police sources.

She was apparently furious over the fact that Mejdina, who also has chauffeured her boyfriend, refused to snitch on her beau and tell her whether he was cheating on her, sources said.
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“Nonviolence doesn’t always work — but violence never does.”
 – anonymous

caught using dummy in carpool lane

  The tipoff was the sunglasses.

A New Yorker faces a $135 traffic fine for using a mannequin as her plus-one in the high-occupancy lane of the Long Island Expressway.

An alert sheriff’s deputy on Long Island became suspicious when he saw the “passenger” wearing sunglasses and using the visor. The only problem: The sky was overcast.

When he stopped the vehicle, he found the mannequin, fully dressed with a long dark wig, blazer, shirt and scarf.

The 61-year-old driver left with a summons.


another tipoff: no legs.


“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”
 – Henry David Thoreau


ny post

why everyone should start their day by reading the ny post:

It was an assault on the senses.

An Austrian man was hit with a $100 fine when he farted loudly while being questioned by police, causing passers-by to break into hysterics, humiliating the officers.

“This was no accident. He clearly intended to make a laughingstock out of the officers and deserved what he got,” said a police spokesman.


“It’s good to know that if I behave strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me.”
 – Ashleigh Brilliant