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r u kidding me?

the following comes straight from an article in today’s ny post.  the pink commentary is mine.

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday unveiled a “microunit” apartment that would make even hardened NewYorkers claustrophobic.  ok, i live in a room.  1 room.  with my dog.   ivan & i live in a studio apartment. my room is 600 square feet and it feels pretty small most of the time but you should know, my last  “1 bedroom” was even smaller – measuring in at almost 400 square feet.  i know what small is. 

Tiny homes like it — between 275 and 300 square feet, the size of some ATM vestibules in Times Square—will be built in Kips Bay. r u kidding me?

They are part of a pilot program to find housing for people who live alone or with only a partner. with a partner?  really? 

The spaces are small, but the prices aren’t. They’ll likely rent for less than the market rate, which is $2,000 per month, officials said.  that’s $2,000.00  –  a month.

“We want people to come here — to start out, start their careers here, start their families here — and if you don’t have the kind of housing that they need, they can’t do that,” Bloomberg said yesterday while standing amid a prototype of a micro-unit.  please note that mayor bloomberg lives alone in a 5 story town house on east 79th street.   mr. mayor, are you seriously asking couples to start a family in a 275 square foot home? 

The 10- by 30- foot apartments must each have windows and a kitchen area, a request for proposals released by the city specifies.

While some Manhattan renters said they were ready to sign on, others were revolted. consider me revolted.

The planned apartments — slightly larger than a dorm room and half the size of a subway car — are so small, they’re actually currently illegal (!), since the law requires new apartments to be 400 square feet or larger.  But Bloomberg said he’ll propose a change to that law.  full article

thank you, mr. mayor.   it’s good to see you working for the people.

ps:  i apologize for sounding harsh – it stems from fear of one day ending up in a microunit.

“Even in comedies, you’ve got to feel safe for things to just happen in a way that is natural and free, and recognizable as human.”
~ Richard Gere 



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