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johnnie has an iphone!

i love when the media puts a “good news” story in the headlines and this is a good story.  thank you, peeps at the post, this is the kind of news i like to read about!

this is johnnie:

he’s 92 &  he’s adorable. johnnie has been driving a cab since franklin roosevelt  was president and he loves his job! 

“Spider — nicknamed after a model of the Harley Davidson he used to ride as a member of a Harlem motorcycle club — mixes the old (he wears a tie every day) with the new (an iPhone in a worn leather case dangles from his neck).

And he has no plan to take his foot off the gas any time soon — his hack license, No. 016337, doesn’t expire until 2014. . .

“I drive more slowly now,” he admitted. “I don’t pass anybody, hardly.”

“He goes about 12 miles per hour,” noted depot co-owner Stan Wissak.

But what if an important passenger is in a rush?

“I tell them they need a faster cabby — this one’s too slow,” Footman said. “I do things my way.”

cheers to you, johnnie!  wishing you many more happy years ahead. 

“The worst bankruptcy in the world is the person who has lost his enthusiasm.”
 ~ H.W. Arnold