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i park my car all the way uptown in east harlem on 117th street.  the last time i parked the car, i ran into curtis on my walk over to the subway en-route to midtown.  curtis is a sweet kid who worked as a temporary porter / doorman in my building at the time of the doormen’s strike.  he lives uptown and was on his way home when we met several weeks back.  i wondered if i would see him again as i walked from 117th to the 116th street train station.  

as i stood on the platform and waited for the train, i thought about curtis and hoped he was doing well.  when i last spoke with him, he had still not found a job. he decided to go back to school and planned on applying to an audio engineering program at a college in the bronx.  i wondered if he followed through.

as i exited the train at the 51st street platform, who do you think was sitting on the bench waiting for a train?  yup, it was curtis!   he was running some errands for his mom, which brought him to midtown.  he will find out next week if he is accepted into the engineering program.

i love when the universe answers immediately!


“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”
– Carl Jung

a small city

the big city is hardly as big as people on the outside may imagine it to be.   monday i scored a parking spot on the north side of 73rd street. normally this would have been a major coup since it was good for all day tuesday, wednesday (there no alternate side of the street parking rules ever on wednesdays) and thursday is suspended for shavuot.  free parking from monday eve through thursday. 

this wednesday i had to take a trip out to jersey to drop ivan off at my parents house while i finish packing for the big move on sunday.  he no longer fits in the apartment with all of my packing supplies.  when i arrived back on 73rd street around noon today, the only available spot (for which i waited 20 minutes) was on the south side which is good for all day tomorrow but means i will have to move it on friday by 9 am. 

it’s now 5:30 pm and i just came in from running a quick errand.  as i was walking towards my apartment, an older man from across the street who i have never even seen before yelled,  “what’s a matter with you?  you move your car!  no parking rules thursday – why you move?”

how did he know ?


“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
 Alice Walker