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walking time

walking through the city can take your mind off anything.  you can do a walking meditation and become invisible to the people passing by, tuning out all of the traffic and noise or you can walk up the avenue with an intention to connect with people – depending on what you need at the time.  after sitting at the computer for several hours, sometimes i want a little conversation or mental stimulation and just get up and walk out.  there’s always something going on, someone to talk with or something to do without having to make specific plans.

i just did that and ran into a neighbor who was on his way up to 68th street to buy some pound cake at rite aid.  i took the walk with him and learned quite a bit.  i learned that pound cake at rite aid is half the price it is at shop rite (not that i plan on ever really needing that information, but you never know when those types of fun facts will come in handy. . .). i learned that he is married to a paranoid schizophrenic and pays $156.00 a month rent to live on the corner of 1st avenue and 50th street.  he has a one bedroom apartment and pays almost $2,000 less a month than i pay for a studio just 2 blocks away. although he has no stove and i do.  i found out that he’s 68 years old and plays the lottery regularly. he used to be a doorman but now walks dogs in the neighborhood for a living so he can stay close to home in case his wife has an attack.  she calls him every 10 minutes or so to tell him that someone is trying to break into their home.  he can usually talk her down over the phone but sometimes he has to rush home to assure her that she’s safe.  she called 3 times on our walk to rite aid.

i’m back home now and feeling grateful.  i love this town.

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.”
Wayne Dyer