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green beans & spaetzle without the spaetzle

i love birdseye green beans & spaetzle.   i especially love the spaetzle.  when i make birdseye green beans & spaetzle for dinner, that’s the entire meal.  sometimes i wish i could just have a whole box of spaetzle.

several weeks ago i had green beans and spaetzle for dinner.  you can only imagine my horror when i emptied the box into the pan and saw this:

Beans no spaetzel

green beans with no spaetzle!  upon close inspection, below you can see one actual spaetzel,  one 1/4  spaetzle and one 1/16th of a spaetzle. . . .  but still, there should be at least 25 spaetzles in every box.

Beans no spaetzel 2 

i can cook a crappy dinner myself – i don’t need to pay birdseye to do that for me.  after i calmed down a bit i thought it would be a good idea to write to the peeps over at birdseye to let them know what had happened because if i were in charge of quality control over at birdseye, i would definitely want to know about this. i wrote my letter and mailed it off the very next day but in the back of my mind, i was still missing my spaetzle.  luckily . . . when i purchased the green beans & spaetzle, they were on sale and i bought three boxes!  🙂   so the very next night, i thought i would satiate my spaetzle craving and opened box #2.    no spaetzle.  and box #3?  you guessed it. . . .

about 2 weeks after i had declared a household boycott on birdseye products i received a form letter and a coupon for one free box of spaetzle.  i am currently in negotiations with myself on whether or not to use it.

“Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs”
 William Howard Stein