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random acts of kindness

you may already know this but when you do an act of kindness you feel good, the recipient feels good and it is contagious – any witnesses to the act of kindness feel good too.  about a year and a half ago i started a little ‘rak’ contest with myself.  i would look for opportunities to do a rak and then give myself points for it on a scale of one to ten.  ones feel good & tens feel great.  i got out of the habit a while back but i’m getting back on track & feeling better already.

here are some ideas:

open your kitchen cabinets and pack up a bag filled with canned food, check under the bathroom sink for things like extra toothbrushes & hotel soaps  and bring them to a local food bank.  you probably will never miss these things and someone else will really appreciate them.  (6 points)

clean the snow off of someones car.  (5 points –  per car)

pack the shoes & clothes you have not worn for a year or two and schedule a pickup from the lupus foundation .

order this collection box for your workplace – it benefits people with cerebral palsy and helps people dispose of their old electronic devices and used ink cartridges – so simple!

donate $1  today to Soles4Souls, & they will  provide one pair of shoes to someone in need – $1 – that’s all.  then post on facebook & ask your friends to do the same.

leave a flower on someone’s doorstep or windshield.

bring some food to a homeless person.

smile at everyone you pass by.  it makes them smile back and feel happier.  🙂

try one today and get some points!

for more ideas, check out the random acts of kindness foundation.


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”
 – unknown