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missing rubies

against my better judgement i went to the whole foods on 57th street off 2nd ave.   whole foods is not a place one should go without plenty of money to spend . . . but i went.   i just needed some milk and a ruby-red grapefruit, and good ruby-red grapefruits are hard to come by.   most of the time when i get home with a ruby-red grapefruit i’m stoked if it’s even dark pink.  i figured if anyone had good ruby-red grapefruits, it would be whole paycheck foods and i was willing walk 5 blocks &  pay $2.19 because i really wanted a perfect, juicy, dark- ruby-red grapefruit. 

here it is:

welcome to my world. . .  

may tomorrow be a better day.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”
 Martin Luther King, Jr.