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fleet week in the city!

it’s officially over – this past tuesday the service men & women went back to work after a week of fun in the city – at least it was fun for me!   and after last year’s mysterious disappearance of over 5,000 sailors (read here & here for the results of my 2 day search) , it was awesome to be able to use my press pass for unlimited access to the navy, coast guard and marine corp bands entertaining the crowd in times square last saturday.


 the best part was being on the other side of this fence – yay for the press pass!!


Peace begins with a smile.
~ Mother Teresa

sailors missing in nyc

it’s fleet week in the city – which is always fun for picture taking.  i remember when i lived on east 55th street, sailors spilling out of the many bars along 2nd avenue from the 30’s into the 50’s.  not so much in the 4 years i lived on 73rd street – – but in the 50’s you could find sailors everywhere you looked during fleet week.  being a friday on memorial day weekend i thought i should get out there early so that no photo ops would be missed.  i packed up my camera gear around 4:45 and headed out full of hope.  i walked up to 57th st., then over to 5th ave., down to 42nd st. and then back up 2nd ave all without spotting one single salior.  not one.  i did however stumble upon a protest in front of the syrian embassy.  here it is:


when they saw me taking photos, several of the people assumed that i was a reporter and approached me to tell me their stories.  the guy pictured above was shot in the leg on april 15th when he showed up at a similar protest in syria.  he’s been in the states for 2 weeks now and will continue to fight for democracy in syria.



plans for today include a quick trip to nj to drop ivan off at ‘camp grandmas’, and visit with mighty man, then directly to the piers on the west side where there are sure to be plenty of photo taking opportunities.  the times reported “thousands of members of the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard who arrived this week for the city’s 24th annual Fleet Week” – can’t wait!


“We are all sailors on the spaceship Earth.”
 Frank Braynard